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News of the uvex safety group

UVEX SAFETY (UK) LTD Partners with North American Safety Innovator HexArmor to Expand PPE Offerings in the UK

uvex and HexArmor are pleased to announce their partnership in the United Kingdom. UVEX SAFETY (UK) LTD will now stock, sell and market HexArmor safety products, adding high level cut, puncture, impact and abrasion resistant hand protection to its existing range.

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uxex pheos cx2 safety spectacles demonstrate excellent performance

Innovative injection moulding technology in the latest addition of the uvex pheos family delivers outstanding protection and wearer comfort. The new uvex pheos cx2, takes uvex’s bestselling spectacle to new heights.

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uvex i-works safety eyewear removes the risk of eye injury at Trelleborg

I can now categorically say that as long as people are wearing their uvex i-works, they will not receive an eye injury. We have eliminated the possibility of eye injury on the shop floor, fact”, Craig Partridge, Health, Safety and Training Co-ordinator for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions (TSS), in Bridgwater, Somerset.

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uvex eyewear lens tints and how to choose the one you need

Choosing the right tint for your application, whether your indoors or outdoors (or both), is paramount to help reduce glare, improve contrast, and enhance depth perception while performing your tasks. Tints can help lessen eye strain, fatigue and can increase your clarity of vision. When safety and job performance are your top priority, the right lens tint is essential for your safety eyewear.

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Which uvex supravision coating is right for you?

Fogging is the #1 hazard when it comes to safety eyewear. This is largely due in part to the way that safety glasses fit; close to your head. The closer the fit, the less opportunity there is for dust, debris and other hazards to get to your eye, which is clearly a winning characteristic for safety eyewear. Unfortunately, this close fit not only keeps hazards out, but traps moisture inside, causing fogging issues.

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Permanent Coating Technology – Hydrophilic vs. Hydrophobic

At uvex we love science – especially when we can use science to keep people safe. So, let’s start with a little science quiz: What’s the difference between hydrophilic and hydrophobic?

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Safety eyewear compliance in the workplace

As a safety manager, it’s your job to make sure that employees are working as safely as possible, which is no small task. Most would think all workers want to avoid injuries and that should go a long way. Well, yes, but it’s not that easy.

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11 amazing eye facts: Even more reason to protect them

Most of us don’t spend time contemplating the incredible complexities of our eyes… that is, until something happens that leads to impaired vision. Our eyes are amazing machines that help us process life visually, and provide us with a lifeline to everyday tasks and moments. These 11 facts will get you thinking more about just how high functioning, complex and important your eyes are (and give you just a few more reasons to protect them properly).

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UVEX SAFETY (UK) LTD retains the “Investors in People” Gold Standard

UVEX SAFETY (UK) LTD the UK division of uvex group, the Germany-based international market-leading manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment for both industrial users and sports professionals has been successfully reaccredited the Investors in People Gold standard, joining the top 14% of accredited organisations across the UK who believe in realising the potential of their people.

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uvex Supports Local West Sussex Military Charity

UVEX SAFETY (UK) LTD, part of the German-based uvex safety group, has very kindly donated safety boots and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to Building Heroes.


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uvex safety group expands global reach with acquisition of a substantial interest in HexArmor®

October 28th, 2016 – Fuerth: The uvex safety group announced today that it has acquired a substantial interest in U.S. based HexArmor®. This strategic investment in HexArmor® significantly expands the uvex safety group presence in the Western Hemisphere.

In 1993, uvex Winter Holding, parent of the uvex safety group, sold its U.S. business including the trademark rights in the Americas. “In light of this, we are delighted to return to the world’s most important industrial health and safety market after 20 years,” says Michael Winter, Managing Partner of the uvex group.

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Plus X Award seal of approval for uvex 2 safety shoes

The uvex 2 safety shoes range continues to live up to its slogan "Pushing the Limits – Setting New Boundaries". The Plus X Award panel of judges awarded the seal of approval to the uvex 2 range for innovation, high quality, design, functionality and ergonomics. This is the third consecutive time that an independent panel of judges has certified the extraordinary uvex 2 product concept, which is unique to the market for personal protective equipment (PPE).

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uvex sportsline – Trainer style safety footwear

Don’t compromise just because you are at work! The new uvex sportsline safety shoe range brings together functionality, comfort and style in a lightweight, slim and flexible design. The ideal solution for light industry applications such as warehousing and logistics, automotive, maintenance or assembly work.

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The outlook is sunny, but don’t forget UV protection!

Summer is here and that hopefully means lots of sunshine. This is proven to have a positive effect on our mood – but beware of the dangers. Sunlight is composed of powerful ultraviolet (UV) rays. This segment of the electromagnetic spectrum is imperceptible to humans and can cause long-term damage not only to our skin, but also the eye’s cornea and retina. What is the best way to protect ourselves against this invisible danger?

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uvex Safety Boot Saves Site Manager from a Broken Ankle

Site manager Darren Portlock had a narrow escape from a shattered foot when he was hit on the ankle by a flying lump of concrete on a construction site. The incident happened while Darren was working for MJ Gallagher Contractors on the construction of a major new hospital in Sandwell, near Birmingham.

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Sleep Pattern – an earplug art installation by Linda Simon

Who would have thought that hearing protection would be displayed in an art gallery? An artist from the United Kingdom has turned 6,000 uvex earplugs into an impressive art installation – powered by “big data” collected by her sleep tracker. An interview with Linda Simon, the woman behind “Sleep Pattern”.

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uvex helmet saves the day for cyclist

A uvex safety helmet potentially saved the life of Ian Somers, HSEQ Manager at TRAC Oil & Gas, who was knocked off his bike while cycling the ‘North Coast 500’ in aid of charity.

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Change to the standard regulating cut protection safety gloves EN 388:2003

In Europe, the standard EN 388:2003 is used to regulate protection classes of cut protection safety gloves. To achieve a high level of cut protection, several technical materials – known as high performance fibres – are used. This process of constantly further developing materials requires testing procedures and classifications of these products to be adapted. The new standard EN 388 is expected to be published in summer 2016.

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uvex phynomic gloves eliminate skin irritation – a case study

How uvex helped to overcome a construction Site Managers skin allergy caused by the wearing of gloves at Rydon Construction.



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John Gill appointed Chairman of the BSIF

John Gill, Managing Director of uvex- safety (UK) Ltd has been appointed Chairman of the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) for a three-year tenure, a position he will fulfil alongside his role at uvex.

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uvex u-sonic: perfect combination of protection and ergonomics

The uvex u-sonic is a versatile, lightweight safety goggle which combines different requirements at once: Protection, ergonomics and comfort offering the best i-gonomics quality. 


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uvex sportstyle – style without compromise

Comfort, fit, protection and style. The innovation that combines exactly these attributes without compromise. The new uvex sportstyle provides safety glasses that are ultralight weight with optimal quality and 100% UV protection. With this spectacle no one will ever again have to make a decision between performance, style and safety. Sportstyle provides the perfect all-in-one solution.

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uvex i-gonomics – innovation with ergonomics

uvex developed a system which combines key safety aspects with ergonomics and also measurable for all products and different manufacturers. The uvex i-gonomics PPE product system range contains six products to protect people from head to toe.

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uvex c500 gloves - The comfort class in cut protection

Regular exposure to thin, sharp-edged and metal plastic parts is taken for granted in many jobs and that is why cut injuries are one of the most frequently reported injuries in the workplace. Although a wide range of cut protection solutions is already available for both wet and dry work conditions, in practice, employees quite often make compromises and work within limitations.

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uvex Decibel - Choosing the correct hearing protection made easy

How can I reliably protect my hearing against noise?
The uvex decibel app measures the acoustics of the surroundings and recommends the appropriate hearing protection – from ergonomic disposable earplugs to ear defenders. uvex offers professional and innovative solutions for industrial health and safety.

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90 years of the uvex group: Fürth-based family company is celebrating its 90th anniversary

In line with its philosophy of "protecting people", the family-owned company based in Fürth has been synonymous with the best-possible protection for sports, leisure and industrial workplaces for 90 years.

Having grown from its small workshop beginnings into a global company, uvex is today one of Germany’s major international brands.

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uvex PPE fires up Denby Pottery employees

uvex goes the extra mile for Denby Pottery, helping with employee safety, comfort and quality – and ultimatively removes their PPE concerns. 



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Three Easy Ways to Locate the Correct Chemical Protection Glove

uvex’s unique Chemical Expert System (CES) is an extensive online chemicals database that helps safety professionals select the appropriate hand protection solution for use with hazardous substances.

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Grey is the New Green for uvex’s Breakthrough Welding Lens

uvex is the first company to develop a unique grey-tint welding filter lens, which not only gives 100% ultraviolet and infrared protection and reduces glare, but also gives perfect natural colour recognition, in accordance to EN172, unlike traditional green-tint welding lenses, which can alter colours. 

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uvex invests in European glove manufacturing expansion

uvex has invested more than €15 million in its Lüneburg based glove manufacturing plant after enjoying steady organic growth since 1990. The German site has its own research, development and production facilities ensuring the highest quality gloves, which can be used in a multitude of workplace environments.

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uvex i-3 AR Spectacle Solves Problem of Glare at Work

The issue of glare in the workplace is often under-estimated, but glare can be very disabling and even dangerous. Too much light can make it harder to see, and glare can lead to impaired vision, loss of contrast, eyestrain, squinting, pain, and uncomfortable and watering eyes. The uvex i-3 AR has been developed to specifically combat these types of hazards.

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uvex pheos rivals leading designer eyewear brands

Paul Chick MBE, Head of Transport Services for Dorset Police, successfully manages the forces Transport Strategy and is responsible for the procurement, maintenance and safe running of the force’s entire fleet of 450 vehicles, boats and transport-related equipment. Paul needed safety eyewear that would withstand the rigors of operations on the water and the uvex pheos exceeded the forces requirements.

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uvex makes the most of a golden opportunity

Farnham’s uvex safety (UK) Ltd, the UK division of uvex group, the Germany-based international market-leading manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment for both industrial users and sports professionals, has been accredited with the highly prestigious Investors in People (IIP) Gold award. 

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New sterilisable safety eyewear with anti-fog technology

uvex’s new cleanroom (CR) range of safety goggles and spectacles is completely unique. The uvex CR range takes the concept of autoclavable safety eyewear to another level whilst delivering outstanding protection for the eyes with its exclusive fog-resistant lens coating.

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The Heckel SUXXEED boot out performs on Snowdonia

uvex launches a range of safety footwear under the brand name Heckel, to complement its already successful footwear range.  Designed to withstand the rigors of demanding industrial environments, the Heckel range delivers sporty, lightweight and technically sound footwear without compromising style or comfort.

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Phenomenal hand protection now touch screen-compatible

The high-performing uvex phynomic XS safety glove protects against a multitude of workplace hazards, yet is the purest glove on the market. The impregnated coating of the uvex phynomic XS is so sensitive that it can even be used on industrial touch screen monitors, saving the worker from having to remove their gloves every time they touch a screen and potentially putting themselves at risk.

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Safety shoes with lightweight design

Ergonomics and exceptional design: the uvex 1 shoe range

The development of safety footwear is no longer just determined by requirements of the area of application, but also by technical innovation, ergonomic and medical considerations, fashion and sustainability.  The new, prize-winning uvex 1 safety shoe range represents one perfect solution to these requirements. 

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uvex astrospec 2.0 – new edition of a classic!

Redesign of the most successful safety spectacles of all time

When the uvex astrospec range came onto the market in 1990, it was a design revolution and soon developed into the most popular safety spectacles in the world. To date over 50 million pairs have been sold worldwide. The uvex safety group is now presenting a successor that combines the classic design of the astrospec with the features of modern safety spectacles.

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uvex achieves BSIF highly commended for xact-fit plugs

uvex has been awarded Highly Commended in the Product Innovation category of the prestigious British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) Safety Awards 2013 for its xact-fit earplug.

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PROFAS is „Top-Innovator 2013“

Lüneburg - PROFAS GmbH & Co. KG (from
1 November 2013: UVEX SAFETY Gloves GmbH & Co. KG), subsidiary of the uvex safety group, was nominated "Innovator of the year" in this year's nationwide TOP 100 corporate benchmarking competition. In the overall ranking, PROFAS took the top spot in category B for companies with 51 to 250 employees. On 5 July 2013, scientific journalist Ranga Yogeshwar presented the award and quality seal to the PROFAS Managing Director, Franz Keller, at the evening ceremony held in the Axel Springer Passage in Berlin.

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The importance of selecting the right glove and factors for consideration

The huge growth in the market for industrial hand protection seen in the last few years, driven by increasing awareness by employers and wearers of the need to avoid potential accidents and injuries, has led to glove manufacturers  offering a large, and sometimes confusing, variety of innovative gloves for wearers to choose from.

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Safety eyewear based on intelligent ergonomics

The uvex i-3 safety spectacles are designed to fit the face perfectly.

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uvex Solves Boot Problem for Hochtief Murphy on Crossrail

uvex quatro pro safety boot  - Hochtief Murphy JV case study

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Three uvex employees complete the London to Brighton Bike Ride unscathed

Three enthusiastic uvex cyclists were among the 28,500 riders who set themselves the challenge of completing the renowned 54-mile London to Brighton Bike Ride on 16 June, while raising funds for the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

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Worldskills winner wears uvex

Ben Tullett, a senior Aircraft Technician at RAF Odiham wins Bronze for the UK in the 2013 Worldskills event.  

Young aircraft engineer and uvex fan Ben Tullett has been awarded 3rd place in the world in his category at the prestigious global WorldSkills competition in Leipzig, Germany, the largest international skills contest in the world.

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Lanes Group case study

Drainage specialist Lanes Group plc‘s Rail Division provides a vital overnight maintenance service to both London Underground (LU) and Tube Lines (TL). The company not only found a cost saving solution with uvex winner and x-trend spectacles but also in increase in wearer compliance and reduction of waste.

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Top 100 “best in category” win for uvex

The uvex Arbeitsschutz GmbH, and specifically the “Eyewear” Strategic Business Unit, has been named one of the 100 most innovative German medium-sized companies in 2011. In addition, the company was ranked first in the category “Innovative Processes and Organisation” for its precisely defined innovation process.

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uvex pheos - Bringing fashion and safety together

uvex pheos are more than just standard safety spectacles: their attractive, fashionable design incorporates innovative technology. The core component is the duo-spherical lens, which not only offers a wide field of vision but is highly scratch-resistant on the outside and permanently anti-fog on the inside thanks to uvex’s unique coating technology.

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uvex has donated 5,000 full-vision safety goggles to Japan

Personal protective equipment for disaster situations

The whole world is still in a state of shock and deeply saddened by the horrifying natural disaster and human tragedies unfolding in Japan. As a global systems provider of head-to-toe safety equipment, the uvex safety group is putting its philosophy of “protecting people” into practice by donating 5,000 full-vision safety goggles to relief fire and emergency services in Japan. uvex is now also offering customers a comprehensive range of protective equipment designed for use in disaster situations.

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Increased protection for greater wearer acceptance

uvex racer SP impresses with its optimal coverage and modern, sporty design. The uvex racer SP is a light, well fitting and strong industrial safety spectacle with a very sporty design. 

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Less breathing resistance for greater comfort

Respiratory protection equipment, the uvex silv-Air e 7232 disposable mask impresses with its innovative and unique tri-chamber design system.

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uvex takes responsibility

Manufacturer believes in sustainability. Our world is changing faster than ever, but the planet does have its limits.

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