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uvex ear plug & hearing protection highlights

  • Workplace ear plugs, defenders, ear safety products by uvex safety group

    Excessive noise at work can at best a distraction and at worst pose serious health risks for employees which may result in hearing loss. Hearing loss has long been recognised as one of the most common occupational hazards and generally develops gradually and painlessly with the importance of wearing hearing protection being recognised too late. Employers are by law required to assess and take action against excessive noise which includes the provision of appropriate hearing protection which as workplace ear muffs, ear plugs or ear defenders if the employer is unable to reduce noise exposure through other methods.

    The objective when choosing suitable hearing protection such as workplace ear muffs, ear plugs or ear defenders is to achieve an effective residual noise level between 70 and 80 dB for the wearer. If sound absorption is too high (over-protection), this can result in an inability to communicate with your colleagues and in turn cause feelings of isolation.

    uvex safety group manufactures a full range of workplace ear safety products using the latest developments in materials technology . All hearing protection is fully compliant European reulation and legislation as well as CE standards.

    Our workplace hearing protection products include ergonomically shaped and extremely comfortable disposable ear plugs, with patented x-grip technology for easy and safe fingertip removal and reusable ear plugs conveniently attached to a handy cord, easily cleanable and hygienically stored in individual carrying cases.

    uvex also has a range of workplace ear muffs and helmet mounted ear muffs. Where high levels of hearing protection are required, uvex have developed the uvex K-Series, a range of workplace ear muffs conveniently colour-coded to allow users to select the correct level of hearing protection. All have been designed with padded headbands, extra soft memory or memory foam ear cushions that adapt perfectly to the wearer’s facial contours and are fully adjustable lengthways and with 360⁰ rotation for standby and resting positions.

    Loss of hearing can creep up unsuspectingly on employees working in a noisy workplace environment but the effects, once realised, can be very distressing. High levels of noise can also be stressful and will, undoubtedly, have a negative impact on productivity. Therefore, it is essential that all employers take positive and continuous action to address the potentials of workplace hearing damage.

    If you, as an employer, are unsure of the levels of noise within your workplace or need help determining the best workplace hearing protection products for your employees, then we would encourage you to download our free uvex decibel app, available in the iTunes store

All uvex ear plugs products comply with the CE standard and have been tested in accordance with the applicable European standards in line with current EU legislation.

The uvex safety group has extended its competency in ear plugs through the acquisition of Swedish manufacturer SwedSafe.