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uvex safety Eyewear - product overview

What do you expect from modern safety eyewear? The answer is maximum protection and optimal comfort, packaged together with stylish design! This is certainly the best way of persuading people to wear safety eyewear over long periods.


With its innovative protective eyewear, uvex sets new standards in ergonomics, delivering perfect fit, light weight and optimum temperature. Our safety goggles are comfortable and remain fog free even during periods of physical exertion which increases wearer well-being and enables you to get on with the job. uvex are also the first to develop a unique grey welding filter lens which brings welding glasses to a new level.


Protective eyewear must be capable of adapting to individual head shapes while ensuring a pressure-free fit and providing total eye protection. This applies as much to work safety glasses as it does to safety goggles. As to the question about the nature of modern safety eyewear, we have come up with a variety of answers which we update continuously. Why? Because our number one priority is the safety and comfort of people at work.

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