Safety prescription eyewear lens materials

The importance of prescription safety lens materials is often not addressed by high street opticians, however, there can be a real difference, particularly when it comes to impact protection. If you or your employees require prescription safety eyewear, do you know what material your glasses are made from?

Watch the video to find out why polycarbonate offers better protection than any other lens material.

To check your safety prescription glasses to see what kind of lens material they are manufactured with, look at the lens to see what markings it has. This information will be either at the top of the lens or on the side. Look for the letters S or F. If you can see an S your glasses are likely to be CR39.

When visiting an optician about prescription safety eyewear, ensure you know which lens material they will use to manufacture your glasses to ensure maximum protection. Don’t just be tempted by the attractive price tag. Polycarbonate may cost a few pounds extra but the enormity and life changing consequences of losing your sight or an employee losing theirs, should the worst happen, is surely worth paying.

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