100% more uvex supravision excellence

The new uvex supravision excellence coating now offers twice the anti-fog performance than its predecessor. This means that under test conditions, it ensures clear vision for four times longer than required by EN 168.

uvex is well-known for highly effective lens coating technology, and our team of experts are always looking to improve product performance. As a result, this latest development in our uvex supravision excellence coating formula now delivers four times the anti-fog performance than required by EN168, and doubling our previous anti-fog capabilities. That's twice the performance you've been used to getting from uvex!

Strenuous work

Physical exertion

Intense heat

All have a bearing on the optical quality of a lens which impacts on wearer compliance and, therefore, safety.

The newly improved uvex supravision excellence delivers powerful anti-fog performance - four times that required by the EN168 standard on the inside of the lens, with a durable, scratch-resistant coating on the outside.

This unique formula ensures lenses stay fog free for longer helping to improve safety, product longevity and value for money. uvex coatings are permanent and won't wash off even after repeated cleaning, helping to reduce replacement rates and waste.

Double anti-fog performance
Made in Germany
uvex supravision excellence

uvex coating expertise — top of the line

uvex supravision excellence provides 4x performance
uvex supravision excellence has a triangle marking

How to know if your safety eyewear is performing 100% better

From August 2021, all uvex safety eyewear manufactured with uvex supravision excellence has automatically been equipped with the new improved coating.

You can easily check whether your eyewear has the original or the new coating — if there is a small triangle on the lens, you can be sure that your uvex safety eyewear offers twice the performance.

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uvex supravision® for fog-free vision

Looking through lenses that are fogged up, scratched or dirty increases the risk of accidents, not only during the working day, but also when participating in leisure activities or sports.

uvex has been synonymous with innovative coating technologies for decades. In our centre of expertise in Fürth, we develop and produce scratch-resistant and anti-fog lenses for a multitude of work and leisure applications. uvex supravision is an innovative coating technology that makes uvex eyewear a reliable companion both during day-to-day work and when participating in sports.

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