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uvex safety eyewear - Innovative in both design and functionality

  • uvex safety eyewear highlights

    The rapid rate of progress in trade and industry presents us with the ongoing challenge of finding new solutions that successfully combine safety, functionality, quality and design. Our aim is to develop safety eyewear which not only looks good but protects the wearer and allows for perfect vision at all times.


    uvex is constantly monitoring the latest technological advances in protective eyewear and work safety glasses and our product development teams are well positioned to respond. This includes being innovative in areas such as materials – to improve wearability and liquid and impact resistance – and new lens technology to improve clarity, minimise fogging and reduce glare.


    At the same time, uvex always keeps a close eye on changes to industry regulations and European and world safety standards.


The uvex safety eyewear product development team works to put ideas into practice and bring projects to life. All uvex products exceed the requirements of the safety eyewear EN standard. The mechanical and optical properties of our eyewear are subject to continuous testing in our laboratory and our unique, high performance coating systems are developed and produced in-house. More...

uvex has a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of safety glasses resulting in a high quality, fit for purpose product

80% of our entire net output is produced in our own manufacturing plants, where we combine the very latest technology with the power of innovation and years of experience.

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