uvex SelectToGo - The 3 colour glove system

uvex SelectToGo is a new, cost effective three colour coded safety glove range based on the European Standard EN388:2003 cut resistance test, which offers a visual, simple and memorable system to help you and your employees choose the right glove for the job.

Cut protection made easy with the three colour system

Cut protection made easy

Red - Warning!

Red cut level 1 uvex safety glove

Cut level 1: Low level cut protection, suitable for low risk jobs and available with 3 different coatings designed to offer the ideal grip in different workplace environments.

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Amber - Be aware!

Orange cut level 3 uvex safety glove

Cut level 3: Medium level cut protection, ideal for moderate level cut risk.

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Green - Good to go!

Green cut level 1 uvex safety glove5

Cut level 5: The highest level of cut protection, ideal for potentially hazardous jobs. Available with a range of coatings to offer the ideal grip in different workplace environments.

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This proven colour selection system poses many benefits, including:

  • Health and Safety professionals can quickly identify that the correct glove is being used for a known application
  • Raises safety awareness within the workforce and ensures correct glove selection for a given task
  • The easy to understand system helps break down potential language barriers
  • uvex SelectToGo utilises uvex manufacturing competence resulting in high quality products and access to glove experts
  • uvex SelectToGo includes a variety of liners and coatings to protect against cut hazards and the handling of different materials in varying conditions
  • The uvex SelectToGo range works well in numerous workplaces which require a mix of cut protection levels e.g. construction and related trades, engineering, manufacturing, warehousing/logistics; and automotive.

The range

The uvex SelectToGo range has a number of options suitable for dry, damp, wet and oily environments.

uvex SelectToGo A3 poster
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