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The industrial workplace can pose a number of risks to employees’ vision. Employees may be exposed to hazards ranging from dust and debris, small splinters to larger fragments of glass, metal or wood to chemicals, sparks or impacts from moving machinery. To protect employees from such incidents, uvex prescription safety glasses are designed to replace employee’s personal glasses and withstand the rigors of the workplace.

uvex prescription safety spectacles are certified and marked in accordance with EN 166, so they can be used in workplaces where safety spectacles are mandatory. As occupational safety spectacles, they not only protect the eyes (from UV radiation, flying particles, dust etc.), but are also a visual aid because the lenses have a dioptric effect. uvex offers a wide range of high-quality lens materials, focus types and frames. This makes it easier to switch between personal spectacles and employer-provided safety spectacles, helping to increase wearer acceptance.

The comprehensive uvex quality system guarantees the best design from an optical and processing technology perspective. All materials used, including lenses, frames, cases etc., are free from harmful substances and are regularly inspected.

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  • 30 years of UK industry service excellence and short lead-times
  • Product is manufactured in the UK
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Choosing the right frame

uvex is able to provide a choice of metal, plastic and wraparound frame styles in single vision, bifocal or varifocal for safety or office use.

EN 166

Standards and markings

Individually manufactured uvex prescription safety spectacles are tested and certified according to the requirements of EN 166.

Lens tinting

Lens tinting

Tinted lenses provide effective protection against glare in areas with high light intensity, either with constant or variable tinting.

Lens cleaning products and accessories

Lens cleaning products

Make sure you are getting the best out of your uvex eyewear with our range of accessories, designed for quick, easy cleaning and safe storage.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

We have provided the answers to prescription frequently asked questions for both customers and Authorising Officers.

Markings on the lens and frame

Marking of the frame in accordance with EN 166

  • Frame and lenses are permanently marked
  • If the markings on the lens and frame are different, the lower mechanical strength applies to the entire eye protection device
  • According to the PPE regulation, uvex prescription safety spectacles must be marked with the factory symbol and production date: MM/YYYY

Contact our team

Questions about the material used for prescription safety lenses? Our team will be happy to help.

Check your prescription eyewear

Check the lens on your prescription safety glasses to see what markings it has

Polycarbonate versus CR39 plastic lenses

What difference does it make during an impact?

Versatile lens cleaner and de-mister in one

Glasses that steam up are not only an annoying distraction but in the workplace can pose an addtional hazard. The uvex antifog cloth provides a solution; simply wipe the cloth over your lenses and an ultra-thin layer of uvex's unique anti-fog formula is applied to the lens preventing them from misting up, resulting in streak-free, clear vision for hours.

Cost effective - can be reused up to 60 times and used as a general cleaning cloth thereafter
Less waste - reusable cloth minimises waste compared to single use alternatives
Easy to store - store in the zip bag provided, ideal for a pocket or bag
Easy to use - simply wipe both sides of the lens with the antifog cloth
Long-lasting - 8 to 10 hours of anti-fog performance depending on environmental factors

Article number: 6118010

We recommend anti-reflective lenses for work at a VDU. An anti-reflective metal oxide coating is applied, which ensures a significant reduction in reflections on the inner and outer sides of the lens. It also offers a cosmetic advantage and increases light transparency of the lens and vision clarity is improved.

Multi anti-reflective coating:

  • Maximum reduction of reflections
  • Metal oxide is applied several times to each surface
  • Residual reflection < 2%
uvex anti-reflective coating
Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Organic material with very high impact resistanceh
  • Inherently soft allowing it to absorb impacts, ideal for safety eyewear
  • Only limited resistance to chemicals
  • Mechanical strength, class “F” (45 m/sec)
  • PC+ – polycarbonate lens that is thicker in the middle, especially for uvex RX goggles

HI (high index), organic lens materials with high refractive index

  • Organic-material lenses with a refractive index of 1.6 or 1.67 are optically more effective (than CR 39)
  • With less material and less curved surfaces, the lens has the required optical effect
  • The lens is thinner and looks more attractive
  • Recommended for prescriptions > +/-4.0 dpt.: HI 1.6
  • Recommended for prescriptions > +/-6.0 dpt.: HI 1.67
  • Mechanical strength, class “S” (ball drop test)
  • Also known as: plastic
  • Not suitable for safety spectacles unless modified, as the tensile strength is otherwise too low. The middle of the lens must be thicker in order to meet the requirements for tensile strength.
  • Organic, lightweight material
  • Very good optical performance even for high prescriptions
  • Suitable for working with chemicals and paints/varnishes
  • Good scratch resistance due to hard coating (optional)
  • Mechanical strength, class “S” (ball drop test)
Hard glass
  • Also known as: crown glass, silicate, mineral glass, glass
  • Not suitable for safety spectacles unless modified, as the tensile strength is otherwise too low
  • Tensile strength is increased by thermal or chemical curing
  • Mechanical strength, class “S” (ball drop test) extremely scratch-resistant surface, suitable for working with chemicals and paint
  • Heavy, not suitable for prescriptions higher than +/-4.0 dpt.
  • Protects against flying sparks during welding and grinding work
  • Protects against molten metal splashes and hot solid projections

Tinted lenses provide effective protection against glare in areas with high light intensity.

Constant tinting
• Available in brown and grey
• Tinting levels: 82% (light), 38% (medium), 25% (medium dark), 15% (dark)

Variable tinting – Variomatic™
• Lenses tint automatically, depending on the UV radiation and temperature
• Tinting of between approx. 8% and 80% in brown or grey
• Available with polycarbonate and CR39 lens material

Prescription lens tints

Fog-free, clear vision with the Optifog system

Are you experiencing fogged up lenses? The Optifog system stops this from happening, allowing you to work safely and effectively, with no distractions. Optifog's unique anti-fog system combines two patented technologies: Optifog lens treatment and a smart textile cloth with anti-fog molecules that activates the power of the Optifog lens. Simply wipe your lenses with the smart cloth and droplets that would usually obstruct your vision spread uniformly across the lens, in an invisible and fog-free layer.


✔ Fog repellent
Stays fog free even in extreme conditions*
✔ Scratch-resistant
Durable lenses, ensuring clear vision
✔ UV protection
Protects your eyes from UVA and UVB rays
✔ Glare reduction
Less reflections for clarity of vision and improved aesthetics
✔ Dust repellent
Repels dust particles for easy to clean lenses

Activate your Optifog lens daily with the smart textile

Every day
Clean your Optifog lenses using the Optifog Smart Textile that comes with your new lenses.

Wash the Optifog® lenses with water

Every 2 weeks
Wash your Optifog lenses with water, especially if they've been exposed to pathogens to avoid contamination.

Every few months renew the Optifog® Smart Textile

Every few months
(or after 450 activations): Renew your Optifog Smart Textile to ensure continuous anti-fog performance.

Prescription ordering system

uvex has made it easier and quicker for safety professionals to order safety prescription eyewear with its prescription ordering website. The user friendly system is designed to display pre-agreed frame and lens options, accept orders and issue approval for the employee to proceed with an eye test. The online process can be set up by uvex for organisations of all sizes, and multi-site organisations can have numerous Authorising officers each with their own account and password.

Order online: Easier, Faster, Seamless...

What are the benefits?
✔ Ideal for any size company
✔ The spectacles are manufactured by uvex, which keeps costs and lead-times down
✔ There are no vouchers. Because invoices are issued on a frame by frame basis and through the customers existing uvex distribution partner there is no need to set up a new account or worry about buying vouchers
✔ Potential reduction in lead-times especially when working with an email active optician
✔ Less paperwork to maintain. Orders are held on the system in the form of a unique database which you can review at any time for easy traceability

Online prescription spectacle ordering

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To find out more about our optician's online portal, contact our prescription department who will be happy to assist you.

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Avoid the pitfalls of optician voucher systems

uvex provides an effortless solution for companies to avoid the many drawbacks of the optician’s voucher system for procuring prescription safety eyewear.

Find your nearest optician

Find your nearest optician for uvex prescription safety glasses.

Polycarbonate versus CR39 plastic lenses

Ensure your prescription safety glasses will perform should the unthinkable happen by checking the lens on your glasses to see what markings it has.