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Welding operations present several hazards to both those undertaking the activity and others in the vicinity, so it's important that employees are aware of the risks welding possess and understand the best PPE to select for optimum protection. Ensuring high levels of safety is vital when undertaking any welding activity with the risks in any workplace need to be assessed, controlled and monitored.

Exposure to UV and IR Radiation
Looking at the intense bloom of UV light produced when welding, without appropriate PPE, can result in a painful and sometimes long-lasting condition called arc-eye. Many factors can affect the severity of a flash burn injury, such as distance, duration and the angle of penetration. Long-term exposure to arc flashes could also potentially result in cataracts and lead to a loss of vision. Other forms of eye damage include: Foreign bodies entering the eye, including grit, sparks and dust. Particulate fumes and gases, which could lead to conjunctivitis.

Welding sparks

A new generation of welding protection eyewear

Unlike traditional green welding tint products, the innovative technology behind the uvex grey-tint lenses affords protection from UV and infrared light while maintaining perfect colour recognition in accordance with uvex sun glare filters. This range is also the first to feature anti-fog lens coating technology.

The special uvex infradur plus coating has anti-fog properties which prevents the inside of the lenses misting up and the extreme scratch-resistance on the outside keeps damage from welding sparks to an absolute minimum. With various welding safety spectacles and goggle solutions, there is something for everyone – enhancing comfort and the wearer experience. All welding products have polycarbonate lenses providing protection against impact as well as UV rays, IR rays and visible glare.


  • Permanent uvex infradur plus lens coating - anti-fog properties prevent the inside of the lens misting up and the extreme scratch-resistance on the outside keeps damage from welding sparks to an absolute minimum.
  • The uvex grey welding tint offers increased impact protection over traditional green welding products. The green tint can weaken the mechanical strength of the lens.
  • Perfect colour recognition in line with uvex sun glare filters – safety signs and signals are easily recognised, increasing employee safety.
  • Available in various protection classes (EN166 1 F for specs and EN166 1 B for goggles) offering protection for a variety of welding applications and environments.
  • Available in a range of stylish modern designs.
  • Goggles can be worn comfortably over most prescription specs.

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uvex super fit welding

The uvex super fit welding safety spectacles combine all of the properties of contemporary safety spectacles with the advantages of state-of-the-art materials. The ultra-thin wrap-around lens with a 6.5 base curve provides optimum protection against mechanical risks.

  • Low weight welding safety spectacles in a sporty design
  • Wraparound lens with an excellent field of vision
  • Soft, adjustable nose piece

uvex super f OTG welding

The uvex super f OTG are very comfortable safety spectacles that offer excellent coverage. As overspecs, they also fit easily over conventional prescription glasses, making them perfect for site visitors.

  • Fits over most prescription spectacles
  • Unrestricted peripheral vision
  • Arms graduate from hard to soft
  • Soft temple ends gently grip the side of the head for a secure fit

uvex i-vo welding

The uvex i-vo welding spectacles benefit from uvex's unique duo component technology where the glasses are moulded from two material components, making it hard and stable where it needs to be and soft at sensitive pressure points.

  • Multi-position side arm inclination and adjustable length allows the wearer to adjust the spectacles to suit their facial shape
  • Soft components on the arms, nose and forehead for a comfortable, pressure-free fit
uvex i-vo features multi-position side arm inclination

uvex ultrasonic welding

The uvex ultrasonic combines hard and soft material components with high mechanical strength. This wide-vision goggle features flexible soft components that adapt to your face for a snug fit, ensuring comprehensive side protection, even when worn over prescription spectacles.

  • Can also be worn over prescription spectacles
  • Sporty design, panoramic field of vision
  • Quick and easy lens replacement

uvex ultravision welding

The welding safety version of the uvex ultravision also features a comfortable and ergonomic design and offers unrestricted side visibility. This flexible wide-vision goggle is also suitable for use as overspecs and is available with cellulose acetate or polycarbonate lenses, as well as with a flip-up face guard.

  • Classic style welding goggle
  • Can be worn over prescription spectacles
  • Indirect ventilation system helps maintain a comfortable climate

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Backed by 90+ years of optics and coatings science, German-engineering and in-house manufacturing, uvex offers a full range of safety eyewear options for you to choose from. Each option includes our revolutionary lens technology for edge-to-edge optical clarity, along with our supravision anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings that have been tested in our labs but, more importantly, proven in the field.

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