Protecting people across multiple industry sectors

uvex provide a range of PPE solutions for a number of sectors, including automotive, construction, food and drink, pharmaceutical, warehousing and distribution, manufacturing and utilities. We know the challenges you and your employees can face and our team of experts are on hand to guide you through the product selection process, ensuring you are compliant with the relevant standards and directives for the hazards you face.


Trust uvex to keep you on track. PPE is a must for those working in the automotive industry but how do you ensure you’re getting the right protection? uvex design and manufacture personal protective products to suit the many job roles across the automotive manufacturing sector.

Automotive PPE solutions


Build a solid foundation with uvex. The safety challenges in the construction industry are diverse and exist in all activity phases from preparatory site work, build to fit-out. Our products and services make a measurable, sustainable contribution to worker safety, project delivery and cost control.

Construction PPE solutions

Fire and rescue services

Fire and rescue service personnel operate in dynamic and sometimes high risk environments with a number of hazards. uvex offer a range of personal protective equipment that is ideally suited to working in the fire and rescue services when performing tasks such as RTC, USAR, working at height or technical rescues.

PPE solutions for fire and rescue services

Food and drink

Trust uvex to produce the goods. With innovation at the core of the industry, manufacturers need PPE they can rely on to ensure workers are protected. We know if your employees are comfortable wearing their PPE, and look good while wearing it, they are much more likely to comply with regulations, benefitting their health, your reputation and your bottom line.

Food industry PPE solutions


Working in the research, development and production of medicines in pharmaceutical and biotech companies calls for the highest standards in reliable protective equipment — after all, employees are exposed to chemical and biological risks as well as all kinds of physical and mental stresses during their work.

PPE solutions for the healthcare sector


uvex provide a range of reliable PPE solutions designed for fit and comfort, ideal for those working in manufacturing. Being on your feet all day can take its toll on your body, with employees often experiencing discomfort, leading to fatigue. This then contributes to performance impairment - with employees 3x more likely to cause, or have, an accident in the workplace.

PPE solutions for manufacturing

Oil and gas

Get a grip on safety with uvex. Tough working conditions and hazardous tasks in the oil and gas industry means you need reliable PPE. uvex safety solutions are designed for both durability and comfort, helping to maximise both employee compliance and productivity - essential for maintaining a culture of safety.

PPE for those working in oil and gas


Take charge of safety with uvex. Those working to produce, install and maintain the equipment needed to process our energy resources often face a number of work hazards. Workforces need to be safeguarded from a diverse range of on-site safety hazards, some of which could pose a risk of death or serious injury. Trust uvex for your PPE solutions.

PPE solutions for the power industry


Rail workers are exposed to a vast range of workplace hazards, as well as working in difficult conditions such as confined spaces and adverse weather conditions as well as maintaining and operating various types of machinery and heavy-duty equipment – all of which could prove life threatening if proper training and equipment is not provided.

PPE solutions for the rail sector

Renewable energy

Health and safety is an important part of any business, but particularly so in the offshore sector, which is classed as a major hazards industry. Often, workers must also work in difficult conditions such as confined spaces and contaminated environments – both of which could prove life threatening if proper training and equipment is not provided.

PPE solutions for the renewable energy sector


Keep in touch with safety. The role of a telecoms engineer is particularly wide-ranging and consequently comes with a range of hazards. Responsibilities range from overhead work, to groundwork, welding, domestic and industrial repair work to working in enclosed spaces, those in the telecoms industry need PPE they can rely on.

PPE for telecoms employees


Trust uvex to protect your reputation. If you are a skilled tradesperson, you'll know what quality really means. It doesn't mean using the cheapest product - as you'll likely need to use more of it - nor does it mean using the most expensive product - as a high price doesn't always mean quality. Trust uvex to protect both your safety and your bottom line.

PPE for tradespeople and contractors


uvex provide a range of PPE solutions that are ideal for those working in warehousing and distribution where you are often on your feet all day, exposed to harsh lighting and handling goods. The right safety eyewear can reduce strain on your eyes, correctly fitted footwear relieves joints and muscles and lightweight gloves protect from cuts and abrasions.

PPE solutions for warehouse and distribution


Working on water or sewage channels requires manual visual inspection, fixing faults, maintenance, and cleaning. Employees could encounter a range of hazards that require specific personal protective equipment. Our experts are available to recommend the most appropriate and cost-efficient solution PPE to protect your workforce against such hazards.

Learn more about PPE for water engineers

Welding solutions

Welding operations present several hazards to both those undertaking the activity and others in the vicinity, so it's important that employees are aware of the risks and understand the best PPE to select for optimum protection. Ensuring high levels of safety is vital when undertaking any welding activity so the risks need to be assessed, controlled and monitored.

Protective equipment for welding