Combination options of uvex respiratory protection and safety eyewear

With the aim of creating two products that can be worn together perfectly, we have developed our eyewear and breathing protection product ranges in close consultation.

The result of this combined expertise is the three dimensional shape of uvex silv-Air respirators. They ensure a close fit of your safety eyewear, without slipping and wobbling. As the equipment remains firmly in place, optimum eye protection is guaranteed. uvex preformed and folding masks are therefore particularly suitable in combination with uvex safety eyewear.

uvex silv-Air c3100, 3110, 3200, 3210, 3220, 33102100, 2110, 2200, 2210, 2220
uvex i-3Perfect combinationSuitable to a limited extent
uvex pheos
uvex sportstyle
Perfect combinationPerfect combination
uvex i-voPerfect combinationPerfect combination
uvex i-worksPerfect combinationSuitable to a limited extent
uvex pheos cx2Perfect combinationSuitable to a limited extent
uvex super OTG
uvex super f OTG
Perfect combinationPerfect combination
uvex astrospec 2.0
uvex skyguard NT
Perfect combinationPerfect combination
uvex carbonvision
uvex u-sonic
Perfect combinationSuitable to a limited extent
uvex ultrasonic
uvex ultravision
Perfect combinationPerfect combination
Combination options of uvex respirators and eyewear
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Application recommendations

Safety eyewear: application recommendations

Depending on your task at hand, several properties come into play: you need the right eyewear model, suitable lens material as well as matching lens tinting and coating.

uvex lens tinting advisor

uvex lens tinting advisor

We offer lens tinting solutions for every light environment. Our new digital lens tinting advisor helps you find the perfect tinting for your application.

Which uvex lens coating do I need?

uvex lenses are coated to repel oil and dirt

Safety eyewear is often used in harsh working environments, so the lenses are usually coated to increase their efficacy and longevity. But which lens coating do you need?

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