How to care for your uvex safety gloves

Follow these tips on how to care for and maintain your uvex mechanical safety gloves hygienically and safely, making sure you remove them correctly and wash and store them appropriately.

Glove care refers not only to laundering but also proper storage, routine glove checks, and knowledge of materials and their particular strengths and weaknesses. Glove life varies depending on the application, environment, and amount of use. It is vital that you perform routine glove checks before beginning work every day. Laundering removes harmful chemicals, perspiration, and everyday grit and grime that can weaken protective fibers and seams.

1. Prior to use, check the gloves to ensure there is no damage, e.g. holes, incisions. If faulty, damaged or if showing signs of heavy abrasion - gloves must not be used. Replace as necessary.
2. Make sure you have the correct size.
3. After use: pull gloves inside out from the wrist to keep any contaminant contained.
4. Wash hands thoroughly and sanitise.
5. Ideally put a fresh pair of gloves on each time.
6. Discard or store appropriately until they are worn again or can be laundered.
7. Launder all pairs at the end of the day and allow to air dry.
8. Wash and sanitise hands after handling soiled gloves.

Correct removal of gloves

Step 1 in removing uvex gloves safely

Pinch the glove at the wrist area and lift it away from the skin - without touching your skin.

Step 2 in removing uvex gloves safely

Peel the glove down towards your fingers allowing it to turn inside out. This traps any contaminant inside the glove.

Step 3 in removing uvex gloves safely

Once the glove is off, hold it in a ball in the remaining gloved hand.

Step 4 in removing uvex gloves safely

To remove the second glove, slide your fingers inside the wrist without touching the outside of the glove.

Step 5 in removing uvex gloves safely

Peel it off towards your fingers from the inside, turning inside out as you go, folding and encasing it around the other glove.

Step 2 in removing uvex gloves safely

Discard or store appropriately. Gloves should be stored in clean, dry conditions, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

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For hygiene and environmental reasons, gloves can and should be laundered after use depending on the level of wear. Gloves with heavy abrasion or damage should be disposed of. Do not use any chemicals or sharp-edged objects for cleaning the gloves (wire brushes, abrasive paper). The following uvex gloves can all be washed at 40ºC.

Laundering uvex safety gloves
Cut protection
  • uvex D500 M foam
  • uvex C500 XG
  • uvex C500 foam
  • uvex C500 wet
  • uvex C500 wet plus
  • uvex C500 dry
  • uvex C500 uncoated
  • uvex C500 sleeve
  • uvex D500 M foam
  • uvex C500 XG
  • uvex C500 foam
  • uvex C500 wet
  • uvex C500 wet plus
  • uvex C500 dry
  • uvex C500 uncoated
  • uvex C500 sleeve
Mechanical protection
  • uvex rubipor ergo
  • uvex rubipor XS
  • uvex profi ergo
  • uvex profi XG
  • uvex phynomic lite
  • uvex phynomic foam
  • uvex phynomic allround
  • uvex phynomic wet
  • uvex phynomic XG
  • uvex phynomic pro
  • uvex phynomic C3
  • uvex unipur 6631
  • uvex unipur 6634
  • uvex unipur 6639
  • uvex unipur carbon
  • uvex unilite 7700

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Download our poster on how to care for and maintain mechanical safety gloves hygienically to help your employees look after their uvex safety gloves.

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