Safety eyewear solutions from uvex

Our eyesight is precious and demands the selection and provision of high-quality safety eyewear which not only ‘protects’ but which enhances wearer compliance due to excellent comfort and fit features.

So, how do you choose the right eyewear? Employers have a duty of care to ensure that workers are provided with appropriate PPE wherever the risk assessment defines that as necessary. There are several areas for consideration when selecting eyewear suitable for your workforce, including:

✓ Comfort

✓ Fit

✓ Performance

✓ Style

uvex's range of safety eyewear solutions

The wide range of uvex styles and designs of safety eyewear allows you to find the product that most suits you. We offer a range of lens shades and coatings to suit a variety of workplace environments and light conditions. All uvex lens options will provide maximum UV protection. Choose the style and type of frame that suits you and the environment you are working in.

uvex i-5 spectacles maximum adaptability; anti-fog on the inside, extremely resistant to chemicals and scratches on the outside; clear PC lens; anthracite, blue frame uvex i-5 spectacles
uvex pheos spectacles anti-fog interior, scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant exterior; standard size; large field of vision; PC clear lens; black/green frame uvex pheos spectacles
uvex sportstyle spectacles scratch-resistant exterior, anti-fog interior; only 23 g; PC clear lens; black/petrol frame uvex sportstyle spectacles
uvex skyguard NT spectacles anti-fog interior, scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant exterior; adjustable side arm length; protection against flying particles; PC clear lens; blue/grey frame uvex skyguard NT spectacles
uvex ultravision wide-vision goggle anti-fog coating on the inside, chemical and scratch resistant on the outside; ventilation; wide nose piece; clear PC lens; transparent grey frame uvex ultravision wide-vision goggle
uvex ultrasonic goggles anti-fog interior, scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant exterior; hard and soft components; PC clear lens; grey/orange frame uvex ultrasonic goggles
uvex pheos cx2 sonic goggles scratch-resistant outside, anti-fog inside; 34 grams only; uvex i-gonomics; lens PC clear; frame white black uvex pheos cx2 sonic goggles

Why trust uvex for your safety eyewear needs?

uvex building in Fürth, Germany

At our site in Fürth, we combine everything from safety spectacles and full vision goggles to prescription and laser protection goggles. In this unique competence centre for protective eyewear, we develop and produce, in accordance with strict quality standards, premium coating systems to enhance the properties of our eyewear – and to create high-performance premium products. The uvex plant is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 50001:2011, and relies on state-of-the-art technology and strategic partnerships to develop future-oriented technologies and products.

Michael Winter, Managing Partner of the uvex group

"For over 90 years, we have been producing and distributing high-quality products to protect people in sports, leisure and at work. Any company wanting to protect people must accept the responsibility that comes with it. It is exactly this mission that instils our commitment to work sustainably and with social responsibility."

Michael Winter, Managing Partner of the uvex group

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uvex's approach to sustainability

At uvex, we want to realise our vision of protecting people in a sustainable way. Learn more about our approach to sustainability in detail.

Working sustainably

Comfort, fit, performance, and style

Finding and choosing the right protection can be tough, and there’s no question that most existing safety glasses on the market are uncomfortable, restrictive, fog up fast, and are even unattractive. Plus, they’re usually treated as a “one size fits all” solution instead of taking into consideration different face shapes, applications, work environments, and more.

For safety managers who are tasked with making sure employees are wearing their safety eyewear when it’s required as well as supplying them with the right pair they need on the job, these factors make it tricky. The wrong safety eyewear can lead to workers avoiding protection when they need it most, and eventually, an injury.

Need help choosing the right style?

Selection of the appropriate safety eyewear for each specific task, and the hazards involved, is critical to avoid the risk of injury. Using the right safety eyewear benefits both the employer and employee, seeing a reduction in costs and waste; increased efficiency and productivity; improved health and safety; increased acceptance of PPE; and the need for lower stock levels.

Standards and markings

Understanding the standards for safety eyewear is essential to ensure the best protection against your workplace hazards.

Reviews & testimonials

With 90+ years experience in protective eyewear we're proud of our products, but don't just take our word for it, read our testimonials.

Prescription safety eyewear

uvex is able to provide a choice of metal, plastic and wraparound frame styles in single vision, bifocal or varifocal for safety or office use.

Application recommendations

Take a look at our overview of typical fields of application along with our eyewear recommendations.

uvex coating expertise

As an innovative brand system provider with manufacturing expertise, we aim to offer our customers the best products for a wide range of workplace requirements. To achieve this goal, our uvex safety eyewear offers maximum wearer comfort, 100% UV400 protection and unique coating technology.

At our main R&D and production facilities in Fürth, Germany, our experts proudly lead in the field of eye protection, from the plastic frame to the coated lens. The development of the right lens coating is essential when producing eye protection that is suitable for almost all workplace applications.

Fogged, scratched or dirty lenses not only increase the risk of accidents in everyday working life, but also during sports in leisure time. uvex has been known for innovative coating technologies for decades: In our competence centre in Fürth, we develop and produce scratch-resistant and fog-free lenses for every application - for work and leisure. The innovative uvex supravision coating technology makes uvex eyewear a reliable companion for both everyday work and sport.

uvex supravision excellence

Finding the right lens tint for every environment

The right tint on your lenses can help lessen eye strain, fatigue and can increase clarity of vision. It is important to choose the most appropriate lens tint for your environment to ensure you are not putting additional strain on your eyes. Lens tinting can provide better visibility, increased contrast and reduced glare. uvex offer lens tinting solutions for a wide range of light environments and with 10 lens tints available, it is easy to choose the best solution for your particular application. Our new digital lens tinting advisor helps you find the perfect tinting for your application.


uvex's CBR65 tint has been developed to protect wearers working indoors or outdoors for long hours under harsh light conditions.Find out more


Safety spectacles with amber tinting (yellow lenses) enhance vision in low-light conditions and improve contrast and depth perception.Find out more

Grey sunglare

Grey tinted lenses provide protection against natural glare and also allow excellent signal colour recognition.Find out more


Polarisation filter to protect against reflections and irritations (e.g. water surfaces and highly polished materials)Find out more

Silver mirror

Silver mirror lens tints allow minimal light transmission; protecting eyes in high-glare environments, reducing eye strain and fatigue.Find out more

AR (anti-reflective)

uvex AR coating reduces strain on the eyes making it easier to focus. 100% UV protection and 96.5% light transmission, ideal for precision work.Find out more

uvex i-5 spectacles maximum adaptability; anti-fog on the inside, extremely resistant to chemicals and scratches on the outside; clear PC lens; anthracite, blue frame uvex i-5 spectacles
uvex pheos cx2 spectacles lens PC light brown (CBR65); sun protection; soft component bonded directly with the lens; extremely scratch- and chemical-resistant outside, anti-fog inside; frame black, white uvex pheos cx2 spectacles
uvex i-works spectacles anti-fog interior, scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant exterior; attractive appearance and robust quality; PC amber lens; black/yellow frame uvex i-works spectacles
Old uvex logo

Protecting your eyes with uvex

The uvex brand has always been synonymous with optimum protection against UV radiation. For many years now, we have been providing advanced eyewear technology, such as UV400, as standard offering 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection.

The name UVEX stands for UltraViolet EXcluded

uvex UV400 — included in all uvex safety eyewear
Regardless of whether you choose a clear or tinted lens, all uvex safety eyewear has UV absorption incorporated in the lens which filters 100% of UV rays up to 400nm. uvex prides itself on delivering the best possible protection together with top-quality lens coatings, incredible comfort and stylish designs.

Learn more about UV400

How to clean and store your uvex safety eyewear

Safety eyewear should be cleaned with extra care in order to prevent any kind of damage to the lenses. The number one reason for scratched lenses is improper cleaning, followed by improper storage. To keep your safety glasses usable for longer, we have developed a range of lens cleaning products and accessories. To store your safety eyewear correctly we offer a range of cases and microfibre cases.

uvex lens cleaning station

uvex eyewear cleaning accessories

Our practical cleaning station can be attached with a wall bracket wherever is convenient, enabling you and your staff to access it quickly. The lens cleaning fluid and cleaning tissues are suitable for all uvex safety eyewear.

Remember, only use uvex cleaning products to clean the lenses on uvex eyewear. This is essential to preserve the performance of the uvex lens coatings.

Download the poster

Download our poster on how to get the best out of your eye protection to help your employees look after their uvex safety eyewear properly.


uvex spectacle cleaning station Accessories for all uvex safety spectacles uvex spectacle cleaning station
uvex lens cleaning towelettes Accessories for all uvex safety spectacles uvex lens cleaning towelettes
uvex cleaning fluid accessories for all uvex safety spectacles uvex cleaning fluid
uvex spectacle case Accessories for uvex safety spectacles uvex spectacle case

What our customers say

Read our case studies from customers to see how we have helped businesses overcome their safety eyewear challenges.

Trelleborg made safety eyewear mandatory after recognising the potential risk to staff and wanted eye protection that was comfortable, durable, looked good and offered value for money. After trialling a number of brands, uvex eyewear fitted the bill on all counts.

Read the full case study

Lanes had been experiencing a high level of PPE wastage because the spectacles continually misted up and easily became scratched, as they did not have anti-mist or anti-scratch coatings. Now, uvex safety spectacles last 16x longer than the safety specs previously used.

Read the full case study

Wates case study

The Wates Group hoped that eye injuries would be a thing of the past after introducing a mandatory eye protection policy. In the five years that followed, 73 workers suffered eye injuries despite the policy, making it clear that just supplying the equipment was not enough.

Read the full case study

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