Standards and Directives

Our products meet all the necessary standards, and not just that – we always require that little bit more from our products. This ensures the extra safety that our customers – rightly – expect from us.

Safety spectacles

The standards for industrial eye protection include ultraviolet filters, filters for welding and related techniques and personal eye protection.

Learn more about eye protection standards

Hearing protection

What do the different parts of DIN EN 352 state for earmuffs and earplugs? And how does signal detection work?

Learn more about hearing protection standards

Face masks

What exactly are the differences between the face mask categories FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3?

Learn more about respiratory protection standards

Safety gloves

Protection from cuts, chemicals and mechanical impacts – what do the labels mean?

Learn more about hand protection standards

Safety footwear

There is essentially only one standard for foot protection – but it has many additional classifications.

Learn more about foot protection standards

Safety helmets safety standards

Safety helmets

What does industrial head protection mean? And what exactly is set out in standard DIN EN 397?

Learn more about head protection standards

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