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How do I get my safety spectacles?

Go to your Authorising Officer/Line Manager who will generate an online order or pre-printed form and sign it. Then take this form to your chosen optician who will carry out an eye test and order your spectacles.

Which optician do I go to?

Your company may have chosen a designated optician to which you must go, this may well be printed on the form under “optician name”. Your authorising officer will know and inform you if this is the case. If a designated optician has not been specified, then you can visit any optician of your choice. However, frames may not be available to try on.

How do I choose a frame?

Your company may have specified certain frames that they will allow you to wear. These will be on the form under “approved frames”. If this is not the case, the complete range can be seen in this brochure from which your choice can be made. If a designated optician has been chosen, then sample frames will be available to try on.

What happens if the frame isn’t at the opticians to try on?

Your optician can call uvex to order a sample frame. When this arrives, your optician will inform you that it has done so and will arrange a further appointment for you to try on the frame.

What if I have recently had an eye test?

If you have your current eye prescription details you can take these to the optician along with the uvex form and the optician will complete the form with your details and order the spectacles as normal.

Do I have pay for my eye test and claim it back from my company?

Provided your company pays for your eye test, uvex can arrange to pay the optician on your behalf and then invoice your company. This way, no money changes hands at the optician.

For Authorising Officers

How does my company's preferred optician access the portal?

The opticians portal is a free elective service that an optician can quickly register for. Vision Express has transitioned on to the system with all stores going live by January 2019.

How can my company obtain uvex forms?

Forms are generated online or uvex can provide them free of charge with relevant information preprinted to ease the process. The Authorising Officer should complete the inside back cover of this brochure, scan and email or fax it back to uvex and we will do the rest. The more information your company can provide, the smoother the process will work.

What is the benefit of a designated optician?

uvex will provide your designated optician with the appropriate frames, allowing employees to try them on for style and fitting purposes. Frames need to be measured on the individual’s face in order to achieve ocular precision. In addition, fees can be agreed providing consistent invoice levels.

How can my company set up a designated optician?

Often the company Safety Officer or Occupational Health Nurse will make arrangements with a local optician. Alternatively a uvex representative can arrange this for you.

Will the optician know what to do with the uvex form?

The form is quite straightforward and has all the required information on it. Generally there are no issues. However, if there are any queries, a phone call to our prescription department on 01252 725552, should solve any problems.

How long will the glasses take to manufacture?

From the date of entering your details on to our computer we average between 7 and 10 working days before the spectacles are completed.

Why work with uvex?
  • 30 years of UK industry service excellence and short lead-times
  • Product is manufactured in the UK
  • Committed to providing quality products and services
  • Customer friendly process
  • Internal and external prescription experts - our sales team have a combined 270 years’ experience
  • Supported by Essilor, one of the world’s leading lens manufacturers

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To find out more about our prescription online ordering service, contact our prescription department using the details below or contact your uvex regional sales manager.

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Telephone: 01252 725552

Avoid the pitfalls of optician voucher systems

Avoid the pitfalls of the Prescription Safety Eyewear voucher system

uvex provides an effortless solution for companies to avoid the many drawbacks of the optician’s voucher system for procuring prescription safety eyewear.

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Find out about our Online Ordering System

Our user friendly system displays pre-agreed frame and lens options, accepts orders and issues approval for employees to proceed with an eye test.

Polycarbonate versus CR39 plastic lenses

Polycarbonate versus CR39 plastic lenses

Ensure your prescription safety glasses will perform should the unthinkable happen by checking the lens on your glasses to see what markings it has.

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