Making a difference in the construction sector

The safety challenges in the Construction industry are diverse and exist in all activity phases from preparatory site work, build to fit-out. To deliver projects on time, to specification and on cost requires flawless synergy between all teams and the same is true for an appropriate and complementary range of personal protective equipment.

• Road Building / Asphalt Work
• Water / Wastewater / Pipeline Construction
• Plumbing / Heating / Air-Conditioning
• Masonry / Bricklaying
• Wrecking / Demolition
• Bridge / Tunnel Construction

• Electrical Works
• Plastering / Concrete
• Driving Machinery / Machine Operator
• Ground Covering / Tiling
• Painting / Paper Hanging
• Metal Works

Just as construction companies and alliances work hard to differentiate their ‘offer’, so original manufacturers of PPE, such as uvex, must be able to prove that their products and services make a measureable, sustainable contribution to worker safety, project delivery and cost control.

With protecting people at its core, uvex PPE incorporates numerous technologies to enhance safety, functionality and wearer comfort. By doing so, our products not only keep workplace hazards to a minimum, we can help prevent long-term health risks, enhance employee wellbeing which in turn has a positive effect on performance and productivity.

2.4 million construction industry jobs in the UK

Contributes £117 billion to the UK economy

343,000 construction businesses in the UK, 13% of the total

As a European manufacturer we understand that many companies in the UK construction sector are committed to the target of zero emissions across the entire supply chain. As a producer with high in-house production we consider the environmental impact of all of our processes and place high value on the responsible use of resources, people and protection techniques to ensure minimal environmental impact. Our quality standards exceed the most stringent requirements and thanks to our universal quality management system, all our factories are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000.

To guarantee the outstanding performance of our products, we depend entirely on our expertise and experience. Our own research and development, individual process technologies and decades of know-how are the core strengths which support all uvex product groups.

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Robust safety footwear to provide solid foundations for your construction site team

At uvex we rely on our own manufacturing expertise, enabling us to monitor production processes and quality at all times. We manufacture high-quality safety footwear in our factory in Italy for a diverse range of requirements and applications. Designed specifically for tough, outdoor environments, our safety boots feature broad soles and deep treads for stability and protection, ideal for working on construction sites.

uvex 2 safety footwear range

The robust uvex 2 offers reliable protection in a sporty design and its virtually seamless construction helps to eliminate pressure points for excellent wearer comfort. The ultra light safety shoe is perfectly suited to outdoor applications due to its high grip PU soles.

uvex quatro pro range

A "workhorse" for tough jobs, the uvex quatro pro safety boots and safety shoes are resilient, modern safety footwear with an extra-wide fit and a sturdy, water-repellent upper for demanding outdoor jobs. The particularly soft midsole and solid PUR outsole guarantee excellent comfort.

uvex 2 VIBRAM® S3 HI HRO SRC lace-up bootS3 HI HRO SRC; VIBRAM® rubber outsole; ESD; leather; metal-free toe cap; non-slip outsole,...uvex 2 VIBRAM® S3 HI HRO SRC lace-up boot
uvex 2 S3 SRC lace-up bootS3 SRC; ESD; leather; metal-free toe cap; non-slip outsole, penetration-resistant,...uvex 2 S3 SRC lace-up boot
uvex quatro pro S3 SRC lace-up bootS3 SRC; ESD; leather; steel toe cap, scuffcap; non-slip outsole, penetration-resistant...uvex quatro pro S3 SRC lace-up boot
uvex quatro pro S3 CI SRC lace-up bootS3 CI SRC; cold-insulating; ESD; leather; steel toe cap, scuffcap; non-slip outsole,...uvex quatro pro S3 CI SRC lace-up boot

Flexible safety gloves to enable your team to get to grips with the task at hand

As Europe’s largest glove manufacturer, uvex understands that our hands are just as important to protect as any other part of the body. Our hands which allow us to feel, grip and hold even the smallest of objects, have 27 bones and 17,000 receptors. We use them all day, every day at work and at home, making them deserving of the best possible protection. The uvex range of safety gloves is subject to the most stringent control measures ensuring first-class quality and a glove solution for almost any workplace hazard. Here is a selection of our gloves best suited to the construction industry:

uvex phynomic XG safety gloveEN 388:2016 (4 1 2 1 X); excellent grip when working with oilsuvex phynomic XG safety glove
uvex phynomic C5 cut protection gloveEN 388:2016 (4 X 4 2 C); sensitive and flexible; food-safeuvex phynomic C5 cut protection glove
uvex phynomic pro safety gloveEN 388:2016 (2 1 2 1 X); robust, flexible, sensitiveuvex phynomic pro safety glove
uvex phynomic wet plus safety gloveEN 388:2016 (3 1 3 1 X); good grip for damp, wet and oily activitiesuvex phynomic wet plus safety glove
uvex phynomic x-foam HV safety gloveEN 388:2016 (3 1 X 1 X); with break sectionsuvex phynomic x-foam HV safety glove
uvex profi ergo XG20 safety gloveEN 388:2016 (3 1 2 1 X); fully coated back of hand; uvex Xtra Grip technology for...uvex profi ergo XG20 safety glove
uvex D500 foam cut protection gloveEN 388:2016 (4 X 4 2 C); robust and flexibleuvex D500 foam cut protection glove
uvex unilite thermo plus cut c safety glove<div> <h3>uvex unilite thermo plus cut - robust hand protection for cold working...uvex unilite thermo plus cut c safety glove

uvex SelectToGo is a cost-effective three colour coded safety glove range, offering a visual, simple and memorable system to help you and your employees choose the right glove for the job.

Follow these tips on how to care for and maintain your uvex mechanical safety gloves hygienically and safely, making sure you remove them correctly and wash and store them effectively.

Search and download product data sheets, user instructions and CE declarations of compliance of all uvex safety gloves.

Innovative safety spectacles for reliable protection and exceptional comfort

Whether you need safety glasses, goggles, over specs or prescription glasses, uvex have developed a range of safety eyewear solutions which meet the highest quality standards. From close fitting specs, wraparound options to revolutionary frameless lens designs, all uvex eyewear delivers edge to edge crystal clear clarity with 100% UV protection.

uvex pheos cx2 spectacleslens PC light brown (CBR65); sun protection; soft component bonded directly with the lens;...uvex pheos cx2 spectacles
uvex pheos spectaclesanti-fog interior, scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant exterior; standard size,...uvex pheos spectacles
uvex sportstyle spectaclesscratch-resistant exterior, anti-fog interior; only 23 g; PC clear lens; black/petrol...uvex sportstyle spectacles
uvex sportstyle spectaclesscratch-resistant exterior; anti-fog interior; sunglare filter; only 23 g; PC grey 23 %...uvex sportstyle spectacles
uvex i-works spectaclesanti-fog interior, scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant exterior; attractive...uvex i-works spectacles
uvex i-5 safety spectaclesmaximum adaptability; anti-fog on the inside, extremely resistant to chemicals and...uvex i-5 safety spectacles
uvex ultrasonic gogglesanti-fog interior, scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant exterior; hard and soft...uvex ultrasonic goggles
uvex u-sonic wide-vision goggleanti-fog on the inside, chemical and scratch resistant on the outside; reduced...uvex u-sonic wide-vision goggle
Choice of lens tints

Choice of lens tints

Properly tinted safety eyewear can have a dramatic effect on the wearer’s vision, comfort and energy levels as well as concentration and productivity. Contrast-enhancing tints significantly improve depth perception with full signal colour recognition guaranteed.

Reliable UV protection

Reliable UV protection

Working outside for long hours increases your exposure to damaging ultraviolet rays, even on cloudy days. uvex which stands for UltraViolet EXclusion is unique to the rest of the safety eyewear market in that it offers UV400 as standard across its entire range.

Permanent lens coatings

Permanent lens coatings

uvex is the world leader in lens coating technology, delivering coatings that are permanently bonded to the lens and so do not wash or wear off, even after extended wear or repeated cleaning. With a range of coatings available, uvex is able to offer the right solution for your working environment.

Easy-to-use, effective hearing protection

Protecting your hearing is essential when working in the construction industry, where noise levels can be in the 100 dB range, but clear communication is also vital. uvex hi-com earplugs provide 24 dB protection and allow excellent speech perception so you won't need to remove your hearing protection to communicate with your team. If you don't need to wear hearing protection all the time, corded options allow you to hang the earplugs around your neck until required, and with the uvex xact-fit, shaped stems mean you can insert the plugs quickly, accurately and without removing your gloves. Remember, noise-induced hearing loss is the most common, permanent & irreversible injury in the world, make sure you are properly protected.

uvex xact-fit reusable earplugs26 dB; available in sizes S and M/L; with corduvex xact-fit reusable earplugs
uvex x-fit disposable earplugs37 dB; additional requirements S, V, W, E; size: M; without corduvex x-fit disposable earplugs
uvex hi-com disposable earplugs24 dB – with excellent speech perception; additional requirement W; size: M; with corduvex hi-com disposable earplugs
uvex hi-com disposable earplugs24 dB – with excellent speech perception; additional requirement W; size: M; without corduvex hi-com disposable earplugs

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