uvex PPE is made for smaller dimensions

uvex understands that everyone is an individual and when it comes to personal protective equipment (PPE) one size does not fit all. It may seem obvious, but correctly sized PPE can help avoid accidents, reduce discomfort and increase productivity. If employees find their PPE uncomfortable chances are they won't wear it. uvex has the solution with a range of products designed to fit those with smaller dimensions so everyone gets the protection they deserve.

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Promoting gender equality and diversity in the workplace

As more women enter what were once male-dominated industry sectors, ensuring the safety of individuals through the availability of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has become more critical. A ‘one size fits all’ approach is not adequate, especially when it comes to safety equipment. As advocates for gender inclusivity in PPE design, we understand that women have distinct characteristics and preferences that need to be considered. Ill-fitting, uncomfortable, or impractical PPE not only poses safety risks but also hinders the performance and confidence of women in their respective fields.

We believe that correctly fitting women's PPE is not just a matter of necessity; it's about respect, equality, and the path toward a safer, more inclusive world. Recognising this need, we have selected a range of solutions that take into account individual requirements and anatomical differences, with the aim of protecting and empowering women across various industries.

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Safety glasses and goggles for smaller faces

If your protective eyewear doesn't fit properly this can lead to discomfort, eye strain and may even increase your risk of injury. Our range of safety eyewear includes spectacle and goggle designs specifically for those with smaller faces. We understand that women often find it challenging to find safety eyewear that offers optimal protection (without the gaps), is comfortable and offers a secure fit. We offer a range of lens shades and coatings for a variety of workplace environments and light conditions. All uvex lens options will provide maximum UV protection.

uvex pheos s is 8mm narrower than standard

uvex pheos s - ideal for smaller faces

The uvex pheos range has something for everyone and is available in three sizes. The uvex pheos s is 8mm narrower than the standard uvex pheos making it ideal for smaller faces. The uvex pheos s features:

  • uvex permanent lens coating technology: anti-fog inside the lens, scratch-resistant on the outside
  • frameless design with integral brow guard - additional eye coverage for increased protection
  • soft, non-slip side arms prevent pressure points
  • wide field of vision and enhanced ventilation for an improved eye climate and reduced risk of fogging
  • narrow side arm geometry enables ear defenders, helmets or bump caps to be worn comfortably

Safety footwear designed for the female foot

Women have a lighter bone weight, with softer and more flexible joints. These physiological differences translate to differences in footwear design, particularly with safety shoes. uvex understands that simply reducing the male product size for females just doesn’t cut it and to ensure a proper fit for both men and women the last used to make the footwear should vary according to the intended gender.

Sizes 3-6.5 in the uvex 1, uvex 1 sport white, uvex 2 and uvex 2 construction footwear ranges are made using a last which mimics the contours of the female foot to deliver the perfect fit and optimum comfort. We also offer foot clinics to help with footwear sizing, including insoles to help with arch support and various width fittings.

uvex safety footwear has been designed specifically to combat fatigue and offer long-term comfort to the wearer. A lower weight reduces the strain on the body and also reduces risk of injury.

uvex female last for safety footwear

Safety gloves that fit like a second skin

While it is important to choose the correct safety gloves for the job and environment, it is equally important to ensure your safety gloves fit properly. A correct fit means the gloves will be comfortable to wear and workers are more likely to keep them on. If gloves are too big they can slip off, affect grip and dexterity or get caught in moving parts or tools. Oversized gloves may not shield against the intended cuts, chemicals or other workplace hazards. Conversely, gloves that are too tight may restrict movement and circulation, leading to discomfort, increase early onset fatigue due to additional muscle strain needed to complete tasks, or cause an injury.

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort over protection. Developments in materials, hand moulds and manufacturing process together with an extensive range of coatings means that finding a glove in the right protection class that blend to the contours of the hand and accommodates the length of your fingers, can deliver the best levels of dexterity, touch sensitivity and grip.

Find your perfect fit with our glove size chart

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Comfortable hearing protection that works

Women often have smaller ear canals compared to men, so it is important to find hearing protection that is designed to fit comfortably in smaller ears. Choosing the wrong size can severely reduce the protection value, exposing wearers to harmful noise, and makes the earplugs uncomfortable to wear. Foam or soft thermoplastic plugs can mould to the shape of the ear canal to provide a snug fit. Alternatively, earmuffs with adjustable headbands to accommodate various head sizes along with cushioned earcups add comfort.

High performance filtering face masks

Where respiratory protective equipment is used, it must be able to provide adequate protection for the wearer - RPE can't protect if it leaks, and one of the main reasons for this is poor fit Masks need to fit close to the face creating an air-tight seal to be effective. People come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so it is unlikely that one particular type or size of RPE facepiece will fit everyone. Some women may have smaller facial features compared to men and therefore need a respirator that is designed to fit smaller dimensions. Fit testing will ensure that the equipment selected is suitable for the wearer. This is an important part of the process especially if worn with other items of PPE to ensure compatibility e.g. safety glasses, hearing protection or helmets.

Adjustable head and face protection solutions

Poorly fitted safety helmets are not only an uncomfortable distraction, but they also won’t offer the right level of protection. The suspension harness should act like a shock absorber and allow a level of airflow through the helmet. Adjustable suspension systems ensures a secure, stable fit without discomfort, irritation or abrasion, which can indicate incorrect sizing. The individual sizes of our uvex safety helmets offer several centimetres of wiggle room, so you can adjust the helmet exactly to your head circumference using an adjuster.

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