uvex pure-fit - Designed to be recycled

Thanks to their unique single-material design, these safety spectacles – just like their packaging – are 100% recyclable.

Manufactured using a fully automated, energy-saving production process, the CO₂ emissions for this product are reduced by around 50% making the uvex pure-fit a highly sustainable solution. Using new packaging techniques, uvex have also reduced the amount of packaging materials by more than half which helps reduce waste and cut CO₂ emissions in logistics. The timeless design will appeal to all and not date, again helping to prolong the life cycle of the product.

Ultra-light for high levels of wearer comfort, these safety spectacles feature hingeless side arms for a perfect fit and secure hold without creating pressure points adding to the extremely high levels of wearer comfort. The spring effect ensures this spectacle grips the side of the head without pressure – giving a secure, stable fit that suits most facial shapes and sizes. The inclusion of uvex’s unique supravision excellence coating technology ensures long-lasting fog-free vision, while the durable, scratch-resistant coating helps prolong product life. uvex UV400 provides 100% protection against UVA and UVB radiation up to 400 nm for the eyes and surrounding skin helping to minimise long-term damage.

stylish. safe. sustainable.

uvex pure-fit

Reduced to the max

Reduced to the max

Not just innovative but comfortable too: The uvex pure-fit are extremely lightweight safety spectacles, weighing just 19 grams.

The flexible side arms fit perfectly to many head shapes and ensure a secure hold.

The hingeless, flexible side arms fit perfectly to many face shapes and ensure a secure hold without pressure points.

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innovative lens design

For perfect vision without compromise: The innovative, frameless lens design ensures a wide, unrestricted field of vision in various situations.

x-tended sideshield

Reliable protection at the sides: The x-tended sideshield protects the area around the eyes from flying particles, dust and dirt.

maximum wearer comfort

The hingeless, flexible side arms fit perfectly to many face shapes and ensure a secure hold without pressure points.

stylish. safe. sustainable.


A real featherweight: The ultra-light polycarbonate safety spectacles weigh just 19 grams – for a comfortable fit even during longer periods of use.

uvex coating expertise

Either with uvex's proven supravision coating technology or uncoated: The lens of the uvex pure-fit provides UV400 protection.

100% recyclable

A big plus for the environment: The metal-free and single-grade material means that both the spectacles and packaging are completely recyclable – for even greater sustainability.

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protecting planet

Innovative technologies
Consistently going one step further: The uvex pure-fit safety spectacles made of single-grade material are manufactured in a fully automated production process using only a single injection moulding machine. This has reduced CO2 emissions by around 50%. We are therefore combining innovative technology with sustainable actions all at the highest level of quality, made in Germany.

Sustainable production
For a clean environment: The 100% recyclable uvex pure-fit does not need to be assembled and is packaged directly at the production plant – this helps to cut CO2 emissions in logistics. Using new packaging units, printed labels and more compact operating instruction manuals, we have reduced the amount of packaging materials by more than half.

sustainable production

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