CBR65 - Relaxed, comfort, vision

Ideal for all indoor and outdoor applications

In the modern workplace, new artificial lighting techniques are becoming the standard. The effect of exposure over the working day to overhead lighting, monitors and phone or tablet screens increases the risk of eye strain and the fatigue this can lead to.

Properly tinted safety eyewear lenses can have a dramatic effect on the quality of the wearers vision, enhancing comfort, clarity and productivity. uvex's CBR65 tint has been developed to protect wearers working indoors or outdoors for long hours under harsh light conditions.

C = Contrast enhancement

The innovative CBR65 lens tint ensures better contrast

B = Blue light reduction

Provides reliable protection against harmful blue light emissions.

R = Relaxed vision

The lightly tinted lens is 65% light-permeable.

Contrast enhancement

Ideal for all indoor and outdoor applications

Bright light, reflective surfaces or changing light conditions can all put additional strain on the eyes which can be uncomfortable and increase the onset of fatigue.

The innovative CBR65 lens shade offers better contrast for clearer vision, helping to reduce strain on the eyes and increase comfort.

Showing the CBR65 filtering effect on bright environments

Blue light reduction

Ideal for computer workstations

LED lights, computers and other visual display screens produce bright, harsh unnatural light with high blue content that can damage the eye. Over time this may increase the onset of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Safety spectacles with the unique uvex CBR65 lens shade reduces the blue light by up to 50% - reducing the risk of AMD and enhancing wearer experience even when worn for extended periods.

Relaxed vision, 65% transmission

Ideal for high concentration work

Whether conducting close inspection work or working outdoors, many jobs require high levels of concentration throughout the day.

The slight tint of the uvex CBR65 lens delivers a relaxed field of vision, preventing the eye from getting tired too fast. Even in particularly bright workplaces this enables the wearer to remain focused for a longer length of time without the strain.

uvex pheos cx2 CBR65

Highly comfortable fit

X-tended Eyeshield
The soft component is injection moulded onto the rim of the lens offering additional protection and comfort.

X-twist Technology
The slight twist of the side arm gives a light spring effect adjusting to the wearer for a secure, pressure-free fit.

Optimal ventilation
Attention to design creates airflow for a healthy internal environment for the eyes.

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uvex sportstyle CBR65

23 grams - 100% performance

Adjustable nose bridge
Super soft, adjustable nose piece for high wearer comfort and a secure stable fit.

Maximum comfort
uvex duo component technology combines a soft interior surface with a robust external material.

Flexible lightweight
These safety spectacles weigh just 23 grams and adjust to the individual.

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Learn more about blue light

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