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The uvex academy offers qualified education and training on topics related to personal protective equipment (PPE) and occupational safety. Our focus is on practical knowledge, and our instructors help participants to experience occupational safety interactively.

Photograph of the uvex academy building in Fürth, Germany

uvex academy - Experience safety first-hand!

The uvex academy stands for outstanding knowledge in the field of industrial health and safety. Set beside our products and services, uvex is the first manufacturer to have developed and to be able to provide such a pioneering institution.

The uvex academy – for the education and training of our customers, employees and industrial health and safety experts. In premises covering 1,000 square metres and based next to our head office in Fürth, Germany, uvex is now the reference point and first choice for the provision of outstanding training and education in an environment where health and safety subjects are brought to life.

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Your direct line to the uvex academy

uvex House - Farnham Trading Estate
GU9 9NW Farnham - Surrey
United Kingdom

Telephone: 01252 731200

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