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uvex Academy Award-winning education and training on workplace safety

Our mission

Empowering informed safety decisions through award winning guidance and education.

Intense competition, an increasingly demanding working day and constant change are the hallmarks of the current business climate. These are significant challenges, and in order to meet them head-on, well-trained employees and a safe workplace are a fundamental requirement. Also necessary are the right kit and the right approach to personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as ongoing seminars, training sessions and vocational training on workplace health and safety.​​​​​​​

Time for change

Our aim is to provide the right guidance and education for distributors and customers about the PPE that they are supplying and wearing. Wearing the wrong PPE affects the wearer's ability to perform their duties at work on a day to day basis, which can lead to compliance issues. This can also adversely affect a person's health and wellbeing both now and in the future.

Getting the message right

It’s our duty as a PPE manufacturer to ensure the correct information is relayed to specifiers and users. However, it shouldn’t stop there, at every touchpoint along the supply chain from distributor, to specifier, purchaser, stores person right through to the wearer, all have a responsibility to ensure information about the correct use of PPE is imparted. Information can be inconsistent which has serious consequences to individual safety and wellbeing as well as businesses through possible accidents and ligation claims.

Beyond protection

By changing the behaviour, language, and commitment to influence those who make such decisions and beliefs in how PPE is seen, purchased, and finally worn via an educated platform requires a huge commitment from all parties. The uvex Academy enables everyone throughout the process to fully understand and appreciate that their position in making such high level decisions has the potential to impact people’s lives.

uvex Academy mission

Carl Dwyer

Director Sales

Our industry deserves a better and safer environment for everyone. To achieve this. we need to redirect industry behaviour to help provide a healthier, sustainable and more educated future that enables today’s workforce to return home to their families knowing that everyone within the supply chain has taken full responsibility to ensure this happens.

Carl Dwyer

Find out more

To learn more about the uvex Academy, contact Carl Dwyer, DIrector of Sales for UVEX SAFETY (UK) LTD
Email: c.dwyer@uvex.co.uk

Certified training programme

Over the past 5 years we have been working to develop an in-house, certified modular training in partnership with several external specialists. The training modules include three stages:

  1. Self-assessment of knowledge in PPE
  2. Bespoke training course based on three levels, foundation
  3. Refresh session and assessment.

Anyone taking the course has access to the learning material during and after the training to refer to. Upon completion of the assessment everyone receives a certificate for the module to be refreshed on an annual basis.

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The prestigious BSIF Safety Awards recognise excellence within the safety industry. The uvex Academy were proud winners of the BSIF Safety Solution Award at the Safety & Health Excellence Awards 2024.

The BSIF Safety Solution Awards promote the importance of innovation and underline the highest standards of excellence within occupational Safety and Health.

The testimonials below illustrate these learnings have led to a real change in our partner's approach with end-users. Through their improved knowledge of product standards, technologies and physical anatomy, attendees are equipped to correctly identify customer’s pain points and offer the right solution for the application. The academy reinforces the ‘personal’ side of PPE in demonstrating some of the real-life consequences that can occur though lack of protection and impact this can have on someone’s daily life.

Excellent presentation and good to get an increased knowledge of hand protection.

uvex Academy testimonial

The fact that you're trying to change up the conversation in the market is commendable. The cost of not protecting people is far greater than implementing the right level of protection. As long as both parties stay connected, I think we can deliver great things together.

uvex Academy testimonial

I found the presentation to be very informative with good interactions. The information was relevant and on point. The delivery was spot on for the target audience. There was a good selection of samples and the overall impression from the attendees was very positive.

Three takeaways are anatomy facts; injury stats; and product solutions for injury ailments. I now regularly refer to the number/percentage of bones in hand.

uvex Academy testimonial

This intensive training has given us an even deeper understanding of the pivotal role hand protection plays in workplace safety. Safety isn't a mere box-ticking exercise; it's a commitment to maintaining the well-being of every employee in the businesses we work with. We're proud to invest in the continual development of our expertise, and this programme was a stepping stone towards that goal.

uvex Academy testimonial