Fog-free, clear vision with the Optifog system

All glasses wearers have at some point encountered misting/fogging or ‘steaming up’ of their lenses. This is especially true when wearing face masks as the difference in temperature between the cold surface of the lenses and your hot breath causes water vapour to condense on the surface of the lens, obscuring your vision. The Optifog system stops this from happening, allowing you to work safely and effectively, with no distractions.

Optifog's unique anti-fog system combines two patented technologies: Optifog lens treatment and a smart textile cloth with anti-fog molecules that activates the power of the Optifog lens. Simply wipe your lenses with the smart cloth and droplets that would usually obstruct your vision spread uniformly across the lens, in an invisible and fog-free layer.

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Optifog® lens technology
Both the front and back surfaces of the lens have integrated anti-fog technology

Fog repellent
Stays fog free even in extreme conditions*

Durable lenses, ensuring clear vision

UV protection
Protects your eyes from UVA and UVB rays

Glare reduction
Less reflections for clarity of vision and improved aesthetics

Dust repellent
Repels dust particles for easy to clean lenses

Fog-free glasses in the workplace

In addition to its activation efficiency, the Optifog Smart Textile can be used every day to take care of your Optifog lenses.

Activate your Optifog lens daily with the smart textile

Every day

Clean your Optifog lenses using the Optifog Smart Textile that comes with your new lenses.

Wash the Optifog® lenses with water

Every 2 weeks

Wash your Optifog lenses with water. To avoid contamination, it is recommended to wash your glasses after they have potentially been exposed to infected agents.

Every few months renew the Optifog® Smart Textile

Every few months

(or after 450 activations): Renew your Optifog Smart Textile.

Before handling the Optifog Smart textile, it is recommended to wash your hands and spectacles to avoid any contamination.

What are the benefits of Optifog?

Ease of use
  • Simply wipe the lens surfaces daily to ensure continuous anti-fog performance
Smart impregnated cloth
  • Average effective life of 3 months or 450 applications
  • One cloth provided free of charge with each pair of spectacles. Replacement cloths available from uvex
  • Cost effective
Crizal UV lens technology
  • Hyper smooth lens surface
    • Easy to clean
    • Minimal dust and smudge effects
    • Anti-glare
    • Scratch resistant
  • Unique back surface UV coating
    - Addresses the fact/risk that 40% of UV can be reflected by the inner surface
  • E-SPF of 25

Find out more

To find out more about the Optifog system, contact our prescription department using the details below:

Prescription department
uvex House, Farnham Trading Estate
GU9 9NW Farnham, Surrey
United Kingdom

Telephone: 01252 731200

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*Internal laboratory test in extreme conditions: in cold conditions from 0 C to 23 C and in hot conditions, at 52 C for 15 seconds. Optifog® lenses to be activated with the Optifog Smart Textile.

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