Care and maintenance guide for your uvex safety footwear

Once you’ve been provided footwear that’s suitable, fits perfectly and is comfortable, you then need to ensure the quality of the shoes is maintained. If footwear is not looked after, it will quickly become unsuitable and may cause or increase the chance of accidents. HSE advises that PPE must be properly looked after and stored when not in use. Before wearing, safety footwear should always be checked for faults, damage, wear and tear, and dirt. Follow our helpful tips to get the best out of your footwear:

Getting the most out your footwear

Upper: To keep your boots clean, brush or wash any dirt off. Check for warning signs that signal when footwear has reached retirement age, such as damaged toes, protective components showing, separation of the sole, worn tread, and cuts, cracks or punctures. Dry the footwear naturally and store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Laces: Check laces for wear and tear and replace if damaged. Make sure you tie the laces to the top for correct protection.
Insole: Removable insoles can be sponge-cleaned and air dried after use.
Sole: Soles should be brushed and washed to remove dirt and contaminants. The slip rating (SRC) will be compromised if the soles are not cleaned as they are unable to make contact with the ground directly. Stamp your feet before removing to keep soles clean.

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Discover our range of insoles

uvex have developed a range of insoles to fit multiple widths as well as low, medium and high arch shapes to ensure a comfortable fit.

Comfortable climatic insole uvex 1 business

Comfortable climatic insole uvex 1 business

  • Three width sizes: 10, 11, 12
  • Available in sizes 39 to 52
  • Offers a more customised fit
  • Certified for use in uvex 1 business in accordance with EN ISO 20345:2011
  • Article numbers: 95157 (width 10), 95158 (width 11), 95159 (width 12)

Comfortable climatic insole uvex 2 trend

  • Three width sizes: 10, 11, 12
  • Available in sizes 38 to 52
  • Offers a more customised fit
  • Certified for use in uvex 2 trend in accordance with EN ISO 20345:2011
  • Article numbers: 95187 (width 10), 95188 (width 11), 95189 (width 12)

uvex 1 and 2 multiple fit system

  • Three width versions: Narrow 10, Standard 11, Wide 12
  • Offers a more customised fit
  • Certified for use in the following uvex safety shoes in accordance with EN ISO 20345:2011: uvex 1 and uvex 2
  • Article numbers: 95347 (width 10), 95348 (width 11), 95349 (width 12)

uvex hydroflex® GEL comfort cork insole

  • Breathable natural cork footbed
  • Activated charcoal to prevent odour
  • Shock absorbing gel in heel
  • Effective ventilation system
  • Article number: 95982

Discover uvex 1 business range

Look good, be safe. The uvex 1 business range brings together the classic styling of the Derby shoe and Desert boot with essential protective features.

Anti-fatigue safety footwear

uvex safety footwear works to provide both cushioning and a stable footing, reducing work-related stresses on the musculoskeletal system.

Footwear for tough environments

Learn more about our durable safety boots, designed to keep feet protected and comfortable in tough conditions.

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