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As the weather turns wetter and colder, it’s important for those working outside to look after their feet with appropriate footwear. The culmination of bad weather, uneven terrain and being on your feet all day means that only a hard wearing boot that delivers uncompromising levels of safety and comfort will do.

uvex quatro pro - A "workhorse" for tough jobs

The uvex quatro pro safety boots and safety shoes are resilient, modern safety footwear with an extra-wide fit and a sturdy, water-repellent upper for tough outside jobs. The particularly soft midsole and solid PUR outsole guarantee excellent comfort. uvex quatro pro safety shoes feature particularly deep non-slip tread, an injection-moulded scuffcap and support in the arch area.

  • Rugged, hard wearing, leather winter boot with fleece lining
  • Puncture-resistant steel midsole
  • Durable sole combines a lighter weight impact absorbing centre and a hard wearing outsole
  • Tread pattern that disperses surface debris to reduce slip risk
  • uvex climazone technology regulates the internal temperature, reducing moisture build-up and improving product life, hygiene and comfort
  • Breathable textile lining
  • Heel counter supports the ankle for increased stability against twisting

Sizes: 38 to 50 (5-14.5)

uvex quatro pro – a "workhorse" for tough jobs

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uvex quatro pro customer feedback

Stephen Borthwick


Over six years ago I ordered a pair of uvex quatro pro shoes after trying a number of other makes of safety shoe, but they were never as comfortable or as durable - plus the uvex quatro pro suit my wide feet. I work for a foundry in their Pattern Shop, which entails a lot of machining, with resultant metal swarf ending up on the rough concrete floor. Inevitably this gets walked upon and the surface also usually has a covering of foundry sand, which is abrasive. The leather uppers sometimes get splashed with oil-based cutting coolant, as well as chemicals such as WD40. These shoes have been in daily use for over six years, and it has only recently been found that the uppers are starting to part company from the soles. Naturally, they have been replaced with an identical pair.

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