The transfer of expertise between uvex sports and uvex safety strengthens our ability to innovate using pioneering technologies and to deliver products with superb wearer comfort and distinctive designs. All effort is focused on developing high quality, functional and innovative products that not only protect from workplace hazard but work in harmony with the body to deliver comfortable solutions that deliver measurable benefits to the wearers health and well-being and most importantly a high degree of wearer acceptance.

uvex Vibram® rubber sole*

uvex Vibram® rubber sole*

The rubber compound in the uvex Vibram® sole was developed exclusively for uvex. Optimised for moderately difficult applications with demanding ground conditions, the Vibram® sole integrates extra functionalities in addition to the basic characteristics of the uvex 2 PU/PU sole:

  • as light as a PU sole
  • heat-resistant outsole for short periods up to +300 °C (HRO label)
  • increased cut resistance
  • improved chemical resistance compared to PU soles
  • highly flexible in the cold
  • heat insulating (HI label, tested at +150 °C)

* Vibram® rubber outsole is not free from substances that interfere with wetting agents. Vibram® is a registered trademark of VIBRAM S.P.A..

uvex climazone foot climate management

uvex climazone foot climate management

Effective temperature control is particularly important in the field of safety footwear. uvex climazone is an innovative head-to-toe climate control system. We have combined our expertise in research and product development with the use of intelligent materials and processing technologies to develop a unique range of climate-optimising safety footwear.

In collaboration with renowned institutes such as the Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens e. V. (Test and Research Institute for Footwear Production), Kaiserslauten University of Applied Sciences and the Hohenstein Institutes, we have been researching climate conditions for a long time. Testing methods and devices are being developed that enable a comprehensive and solid measurement of climate characteristics for the first time. Hot or cold feet, as well as discomfort from heavy sweating, can be real problems in the workplace – that's why perfect climate control is especially important for safety shoes.

The feet produce enough sweat during intense physical activity to fill an entire glass of water over the course of a day. uvex climazone draws this moisture away leaving dry feet and creating a pleasant and comfortable climate. This reduces the risk of discomfort caused by blisters, fungal infections or even mild hypothermia.

Electrostatic - ESD specificaction

Electrostatic - ESD specificaction

Controlling unwelcome electrostatic charge is becoming an increasingly important role in industry, as more and more employees come into contact with processes, materials or objects which are sensitive to electro static charge.

It is often necessary to use safety footwear as part of a system to conduct electrostatic charge in such workplaces.

Independent of various measuring methods, volume resistance between 100 kiloohms (1.0 × 105 ohms) and 35 megohms (3.5 × 107 ohms) is still required to fulfill the various relevant norms (e. g. EN ISO 20345, EN 61340).

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uvex 1 comfortable climatic insole top and underneath view

uvex 1 comfortable climatic insole

The uvex 1 comfortable climatic insole provides the foot with full-surface shock absorption and ensures comfort in high-strain zones.

Features of the comfortable climatic insole are:

  • Ultra breathable and moisture-absorbing materials
  • Shock absorption zones support natural foot movement
  • Non-irritating, comfortable upper

The uvex 1 comfortable climatic insole is available in 3 widths: 10, 11, 12. Width 11 comes as standard, whereas width 10 makes the footwear a narrower fit and width 12 a wider fiiting boot or shoe. 

uvex 3D hydroflex® foam insole top and underneath

uvex 3D hydroflex® foam comfortable climatic insole

The uvex 3D hydroflex® foam comfortable climatic insole provides the foot with full-surface shock absorption. Additional shock-absorbing elements around the heel and under the front of the foot to ensure comfort in high-strain zones.

Features of the uvex 3D hydroflex® foam insole are:

  • ultra breathable and moisture-absorbing materials
  • perforations in the tread surface for better ventilation
  • shock absorption zones around the heel and under the front of the foot support natural foot movement
  • non-irritating, comfortable surface structure
  • manufactured according to uvex climazone standards
expanded view of uvex xenova® system showing toe cap and insole

uvex xenova® system

The uvex xenova® system is a comprehensive, completely metal-free safety system to protect the foot inside a safety shoe.

The system consists of three main components:

  • uvex xenova® duo toe cap: The cap sits perfectly without pressure points, thanks to duo component technology. The cap is fully lined with soft, comfortable padding ensuring increased wearer comfort when kneeling and during impacts.
  • uvex xenova® penetration-resistant midsole: The flexible, penetration-resistant xenova® midsole exactly matches the width of the sole. This means it does not let in the cold and is comfortable to wear.
  • uvex anti-twist heel cap: The injection-moulded plastic heel cap considerably increases stability and offers improved protection from ankle twisting.
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