How to make savings when buying PPE

Ever considered the real cost in use of your PPE? Better quality safety products can help save you money in the long run.

As a premium brand, uvex is often perceived as expensive, however, we can actually save you money - through high-quality resource-saving products, increasing compliance, and providing education for your workforce. Many organisations are now considering their environmental impact and want a more sustainable culture. In addition to the ecological impact of a product, buying low-cost PPE can actually cost your company more in the long run. For example, although a basic pair of safety spectacles may meet the European standard, their performance often falls short when subjected to the demands of the real-world environment. This can is also true when comparing other product groups.

Investment in better quality PPE can help.

But what does quality really mean? It doesn't mean using the cheapest product - as you'll likely need to use more of it - nor does it mean using the most expensive product - as a high price doesn't always deliver excellence. It's advisable not to make your purchasing decisions based purely on price, as this neglects to take into account the cost in use.

Investment in better quality PPE can help

What makes uvex different from other PPE manufacturers?

Increased product life with uvex lens coatings

uvex’s pioneering lens coatings deliver the very best in German engineering. Developed in our own manufacturing facilities in Fürth, Germany, our lens coatings are permanent even after repeated cleaning. This offers great value for money and means you can get on with the job at hand without any distractions from your eyewear.

The real cost of safety eyewear

Increased durability thanks to quality materials

Product quality is only as good as the quality of the raw materials and the tools used in the manufacturing process. To ensure the highest quality and durability, we develop our own tools and produce them in collaboration with long-term, reliable partners. This tight interlocking between individual people in the value chain enables us to fully safeguard product quality.

uvex's quality promise

Greater longevity thanks to WEARABILITY

The cost in use of a product can also be justified when discussing the WEARABILITY of a product. At uvex, WEARABILITY comprises 4 key factors – comfort, fit, performance and style and together these influence the wearer experience, level of acceptance and compliance. If an item of PPE fits correctly, is comfortable, looks good and gives the individual confidence, it's more likely to be worn throughout the day, reducing the risk of injuries.

What does WEARABILITY mean?

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Get rid of costly anti-fatigue matting

Anti-fatigue matting is designed for use in workplaces where people stand for long periods, especially on hard surfaces. But what if you could get rid of anti-fatigue matting? uvex safety footwear works to provide both cushioning and a stable footing, reducing work-related stresses on the musculoskeletal system.

Investing in better quality PPE is an investment in your employees

Apart from direct cost reduction, there are many significant knock-on benefits to reducing the usage of PPE by purchasing better quality products. Fewer orders will be needed, so less stock will need to be held on site, reducing storage costs and keeping cash within the business. Using longer-lasting products also means increased production time, as employees does not waste time going back and forth to replenish their PPE. Workers are also more likely to wear their protective gear if it does not keep failing, thus minimising risk, improving safety and increasing concentration on the job. Finally, better quality products have a longer life meaning there is less waste going to landfill.

Fewer orders

✔ Fewer orders

Less stock held on site

✔ Less stock held on site

Reduced storage costs

✔ Reduced storage costs

Increased production time

✔ Increased production time

Increased compliance

✔ Increased compliance

Less waste going to landfill

✔ Less waste going to landfill

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