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Head of Health, Safety, Environment & Sustainability, Balfour Beatty

I have worked with the uvex team for over 10 years and I have to say the product quality is exceptional. I have organised over 200 trials over this period and the feedback from the wearers has been overwhelming in terms of durable, comfortable, wearable and safe, all fantastic words to describe a quality product. The support, education and training from the uvex Training and Support Solutions team is simply outstanding. I would describe it as “the uvex experience starts once you receive your product”. The innovation and product knowledge on how it suits and fits the end-user is core to everything they deliver.

Murdo Morrison, HSE Manager

I have been aided by uvex in selection, trial, implementation and training on safety products by our local uvex representative over the past 12 years at a number of different operational sites and the support has been unrivalled, particularly given our location in the Highlands of Scotland. This is the level of engagement with safety product suppliers I had only previously dreamt of. The input from uvex has meant excellent buy in from the workforce meaning they are happier with the selection of kit and compliance is never an issue for us. Due to the high quality of product we have actually reduced our costs as it all just lasts longer, partly because the workforce take better care of it as they know they are using a superior product and have been trained how to use it properly.

Allan, Team LR

We've been using Uvex glasses for many years now, we selected them for their quality and comfort. We can wear them for many hours, they don't steam up and they are very comfortable, its an added bonus that they cool too. All our scooters are sent out in a kit form like LEGO, and our customers build them on receipt. We designed a unique box to hold all the scooter parts securely during shipping, these boxes need constructing, which is accurate, tactile and dextrus work. The Uvex gloves allow our operatives to carry out this task with ease whilst protecting them from paper/card cuts.
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Barry, CNC machinist

I can't praise the phynomic gloves enough. They are the best. I would buy them myself for outside of work and use them for everything, including DIY. I really rate them.

Alan Shaw, HR Manager

uvex is the first port of call for any safety footwear,” affirms Alan. “It is a very good company with professional staff and excellent customer service.

Rod, Farnham

Definitely a 5 stars product, good quality gloves, these are great for protecting my hands from cuts and scrapes. The gloves had a very good grip and they are so comfortable to wear. Would buy them again and would certainly recommend them to anyone who needs good gloves!
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