uvex pheos cx2 spectacles uvex pheos cx2 spectacles

uvex pheos cx2 spectacles

Article number: 9198064

  • Soft component connected directly with the lens
  • Relaxing focused vision
  • uvex supravision excellence coating: anti-fog on the inside, extremely scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant on the outside
  • Frame in white, black
  • PC lens light brown (CBR65)

uvex pheos cx2 – Winners at Work

Benefitting from the ideal combination of hard and soft materials around the brow, nose and side arms that adapt to the wearer’s face, the uvex pheos cx2 delivers outstanding protection and comfort. This soft moulded X-tended eye shield and brow guard provides reliable protection against splash and particle ingress. The distinctive design and shape of the side arms together with the innovative X-Twist technology allows the uvex pheos cx2 to adapt to individual head widths providing a comfortable, non-slip fit.

The new uvex CBR65 lens tinting enhances the contrast (C = Contrast), reduces blue light (B = Blue light reduction) and offers a relaxed view (R = Relax) with 65 percent transmission.

General features

  • "X" branded safety spectacles with a modern, sporty design
  • Frame colors: white, black
  • PC lens light brown (CBR65)

Safety features

  • Certified to EN 166 (personal eye protection) and EN 172 (sunglare filters for industrial use) and AS / NZS 1337.1
  • Labelling: W 166 FT CE – 5-1.4 W 1 FTKN CE
  • Reliable UV400 protection
  • Comfortable protection thanks to the "X-tended Eyeshield", a soft forehead and nose piece moulded directly onto the lens
  • X-Twist side arm technology for a secure, non-slip fit

Comfort features

  • Relaxed view thanks to uvex CBR65 lens tinting
  • Anti-fog on the inside, extremely scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant on the outside (uvex supravision excellence)
  • Large field of vision with duo-spherical lens
  • Innovative uvex duo component technology for maximum wearer comfort
  • Can be easily combined with other PPE


Product data sheet


uvex pheos e-magazine

uvex pheos e-magazine

Discover the complete uvex pheos cx2 range

uvex pheos cx2 range

Specifications uvex pheos cx2 spectacles

Attribute Value
Product type spectacles
Product family uvex pheos cx2
Version sunglare filter
Lens material polycarbonate (PC)
Coating uvex supravision excellence
Lens properties anti fog, blue-light-reducing, chemical resistant, contrast-enhancing, scratch resistant
Lens tinting brown 65%
Standards EN 166, EN 172
Marking W 166 FT CE – 5-1,4 W 1 FTKN CE
UV protection UV400
Colour black, white
Product system Healthcare
Technologies Core coatings, uvex CBR65, Well suited in combination with dust masks

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