uvex i-5 safety spectacles - Stylish, finely tuned safety eyewear

Backed by 90+ years of optics knowledge, the uvex i-5 proves that contemporary design and functionality are by no means mutually exclusive.

Adaptive and packed full of sophisticated technology, these safety glasses deliver high levels of protection and superior wearer comfort. Sleek side arms with 3 incline positions and soft, extendable x-twist technology provide an adaptive fit that's suitable for the majority of face shapes. The uvex i-5 frame is firm where it needs to be whilst maintaining a low pressure grip around the ears.

mechanic wearing uvex i-5 safety spectacles
  • Soft, flexible nose pad for maximum comfort and a non-slip fit
  • x-tended eye shield with soft seal technology wraps around the brow providing additional protection from particle ingress
  • x-tended side shield provides further protection without restricting peripheral vision
  • 3-position side arm inclination adapts easily to any facial shape
  • Soft, extendable x-twist side arm technology offers adaptable, pressure-free comfort and a stable, non-slip fit
  • uvex’s proven supravision lens coating technology: permanent anti-fog coating on the inside, scratch-resistant outside
  • Metal-free

Award winning design

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3-stage side arm inclination

3-stage side arm inclination

3-stage side arm inclination

The three-stage side arm inclination allows you to adjust the angle and adapt the spectacles to fit any facial shape.

uvex i-5 features x-twist technology

x-twist technology

x-twist technology

The ergonomic side arms of adjustable length ensure an optimal fit for different head shapes.

Soft, flexible nose pad

Soft, flexible nose pad

Soft, flexible nose pad

The flexible nose pad, which is connected directly to the lens, ensures a comfortable and secure fit.

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Innovative lens design for greater protection

uvex i-5 safety spectacles have been designed to provide maximum protection. The ergonomically designed x-tended eyeshield uses soft seal technology that wraps around your brow for a secure, low pressure fit. This creates a snug fit for protection from particle ingress. The x-tended sideshield has been angled to deliver a custom fit, effectively protecting the area around the sides of the eyes. The proven, high-performance uvex supravision coating prevents fogging or scratching on the lens, thereby guaranteeing outstanding vision.

uvex i-5 features an x-tended sideshield

x-tended sideshield

x-tended sideshield

x-tended sideshield for optimum protection around the sides of the eyes.

uvex i-5 features an x-tended eyeshield

x-tended eyeshield

x-tended eyeshield

The large x-tended eyeshield provides even greater protection against particles, dust and dirt.

uvex i-5 feature uvex supravision coating

uvex supravision coating

uvex supravision coating

The uvex supravision coating effectively prevents fogging or scratching on the lens.

uvex CBR65 lens tint technology

  • 65% light transmission for strain-free vision and high levels of wearer comfort.
  • Blue light reduction increases alertness, focus and productivity and reduces risk of fatigue.
  • Contrast enhancement makes uvex CBR65 ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • 50% blue light reduction at 450nm reduces risk of retinal damage which can lead to age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Other side effects include headaches, neck and eye strain.
  • Permanent lens tint lasts for the life of the product.

Find out more about uvex CBR65

CBR65 lens tinting technology video

Modern, sporty design for greater wearer acceptance

The sporty look of the uvex i-5 increases employee acceptance and their willingness to wear it. Just like all uvex safety spectacles, the uvex i-5 provides 100% protection from harmful UV radiation up to 400 nm. It can be used in a variety sectors, ranging from trade and the construction industry to forestry, steel and metalworking.

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