PPE solutions for waste collection teams

Tackling jobs outdoors in adverse weather conditions poses another set of hazards, with workers dealing with extreme temperatures, wet and slippery conditions and the increased fatigue this can lead to. With this in mind we have designed a range of PPE solutions to keep your team protected and working at their best, whatever the weather.

uvex hand protection solutions for wet, cold and hot weather conditions

Alongside the right protective function, wearer comfort is extremely important for safety gloves.

Our hands have 375 sweat glands per square centimetre on the palms and the insides of the fingers, and around another 200 on the back of the hand; nowhere else on the human body has more glands. These are particularly active in the summer which is why it is important to chose a safety glove that allows hands to breathe, while providing appropriate protection levels.

Decreased mobility in your fingers and the fact that every mistake is more painful in the cold means that choosing the right safety gloves that can give you both protection and warmth, and still provide enough dexterity to complete the job is crucial. uvex unilite thermo safety gloves feature a durable polymer coating that remains highly flexible even at low temperatures, making them the ideal choice for working in the cold.

Hand climate management

uvex unilite 7710F safety glove

uvex unilite 7710F safety glove

The uvex unilite 7710F is a seam-free, comfortable, multipurpose glove that’s ideal for dirty and wet environments. The extremely durable, nitrile rubber (NBR) coating extends up to the wrist protecting hands against moisture and dirt, ideal for wet weather conditions.

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uvex unilite thermo plus safety glove

uvex unilite thermo plus safety glove

Despite an extremely robust coating, the uvex unilite thermo plus stays warm and flexible even in extreme cold. The two-layer material composition of acrylic and new wool ensures a pleasant hand climate and good wearer comfort, perfect for working in cold weather.

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uvex phynomic wet safety glove

uvex phynomic wet safety glove

The uvex phynomic wet features an open back design for increased breathability, ideal for warmer months. Free from silicone, harmful solvents, allergens and certified to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. These safety gloves are like a "second skin" and are especially light and flexible – without making your hands sweaty.

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Durable safety footwear from uvex

Working in waste collection requires teams to be on their feet all day, and this can leave workers with throbbing feet, tired legs and possibly lower back pain at the end of the shift. Walking on hard floors, doing repetitive lifting, twisting and turning movements can all have an impact on your musculoskeletal system. Correctly fitted safety footwear that has high levels of cushioning, shock absorption and a tread pattern that supports the body’s natural movement can help relieve strain on the joints and muscles. In addition to this, sweat and inclement weather during the winter months means wearer’s requirements change with the seasons, yet they still require uncompromising levels of safety and comfort. The below styles are a snapshot of the footwear from uvex that addresses these various requirements.

uvex 2 S3 SRC lace-up boot

uvex 2 boots

Superior in all disciplines. The innovative uvex 2 safety shoe range in protection class S3 is up to the challenge. With optimal shock absorption, ergonomic fit, low weight and excellent climate characteristics, the uvex 2 ensures maximum performance at work while redefining the limits for safety shoes.

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uvex quatro pro S3 SRC lace-up boot

uvex quatro pro boots

Sturdy, modern safety boot with extra-wide fit and sturdy, water-repellent upper for tough outside jobs, for example in the construction industry. The particularly soft midsole and solid PUR outsole guarantee excellent comfort. uvex quatro pro safety boots feature particularly deep non-slip tread, an injection-moulded scuffcap and support in the arch area.

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Heckel MX 300 GT

Heckel MX 300 GT

The MX 300 GT is a waterproof and breathable safety boot with an anti-slip MACSOLE® X rubber sole, water-resistant full-grain leather upper and Gore-Tex membrane lining. THe PU/rubber sole provides excellent grip, and is resistant to oil, hydrocarbon and chemicals with a self-cleaning profile and excellent shock absorption. The PU sole is also resistant to contact heat up to 300°C.

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Safety eyewear with sunglare lenses

Our eyes are up to 10 times more sensitive to UV damage than our skin. We know our skin needs protection from harmful UV rays and yet 50% of people don't protect themselves by wearing sunglasses.

Eyewear should deliver a low-pressure, lightweight fit with even weight distribution. Thanks to uvex’s German-engineered dual-injection mould technology, we’re able to combine soft and hard components into frames that flex; making them comfortable and durable, while also ensuring eyewear stays put.

uvex sportstyle

uvex sportstyle 9193280

The uvex sportstyle stands for a new generation of innovative safety spectacles. Benefitting from a close-fitting, sporty design with an extremely low weight of just 23g for incredible comfort. The distinctive athletic shaping and the use of lightweight, high-tech materials means wearers will experience the highest levels of comfort, ultimate fit and an excellent field of vision.

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uvex i-works

uvex i-works 9194270

uvex i-works combines the best features of uvex safety spectacles. The light, sporty design and the panorama lens ensures maximum comfort even when worn for long periods. With its outstanding, permanent uvex supravision excellence coating technology, uvex i-works offers permanent anti-fog performance even after repeated cleaning. Soft, duo-component arms provide for a comfortable, non-slip fit.

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uvex suXXeed 9181265

uvex suXXeed 9181265

The contoured wide angle lens and low profile frame gives this spectacle a sleek, sporty design that fits multiple face shapes and sizes. The soft, flexible nose pad and dual-component soft-grip side arms are very comfortable to wear and ensure the uvex suXXeed stays where it should when performing strenuous work. 100% protection against UVA and UVB radiation for the eyes and surrounding skin helping to minimise long-term damage.

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Face protection while cutting vegetation

The uvex pheos faceguard system consists of a height and width-adjustable head mount and a high-quality, scratch-resistant and anti-fog polycarbonate visor. The visor can be locked in any position, while the head mount is fully adjustable providing the wearer with the highest level of flexibility. The face protection system has been carefully designed to deliver an ergonomic, lightweight solution with ideal climate characteristics. With ingenious attachment options and replaceable parts, this face protection multisystem can be expanded to perfectly suit your area of application.

uvex pheos faceguard

uvex pheos faceguard

The sturdy, polycarbonate visor delivers a large field of vision for a wide, unrestricted view. Protected by uvex's lens coating technology, with anti-fog coating on the inside and scratch-resistant on the outside.

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Protective features

Face protection while cutting vegetation

• Certified in line with EN 166 (personal eye protection) and EN 170 (UV filters)
• W 166 39 B CE - 2C-1,2 W1 B 9 KN CEM
• Reliable UV400 protection

Modular and adaptable

Variable visor locking positions

Hearing protection can be attached and removed quickly using a bayonet lock. The visor features a spring-loaded locking system and sits centrally above the head in a neat resting position when not in use, promoting a natural posture and minimising strain on the neck.

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Choice of lens tints

Properly tinted safety eyewear can have a dramatic effect on the wearer’s vision, comfort and energy levels as well as concentration and productivity. Contrast-enhancing tints significantly improve depth perception with full signal colour recognition guaranteed.

Reliable UV protection

Working outside for long hours increases your exposure to damaging ultraviolet rays, even on cloudy days. uvex which stands for UltraViolet EXclusion is unique to the rest of the safety eyewear market in that it offers UV400 as standard across its entire range.

Permanent lens coatings

uvex is the world leader in lens coating technology, delivering coatings that are permanently bonded to the lens and so do not wash or wear off, even after extended wear or repeated cleaning. With a range of coatings available, uvex is able to offer the right solution for your working environment.

High performing products

uvex safety is synonymous with exceptional industrial health and safety solutions that fulfil the highest demands. These are based on in-depth expertise, the latest research and technology and uncompromising quality. Almost 80% of the value chain is generated in uvex manufacturing plants. The headquarters in Fürth, Bavaria, has become a centre of expertise for innovative safety eyewear, from spectacles to laser protection glasses. Mechanical and optical properties are tested in uvex’s own laboratory.

Standard is not an option
uvex takes product development seriously, by researching the ergonomics of a product, harmonising product performance and the capabilities of the human body using high-tech materials, proven to perform even under the harshest conditions.

Contact us for help and advice on the selection of PPE

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Rob Kennedy

As Country Manager Ireland for uvex I bring over two decades of experience to my role. I am focused and committed to working alongside Health and Safety professionals to ensure employees remain safe and healthy within the workplace.

Through my industry and product knowledge I can assist with information that will aid the selection of Personal Protective Equipment that will optimise both safety and wearer acceptance and comfort. In addition to this, I am supported by a team of highly professional product, training and marketing specialists who are on hand to provide technical support, materials and awareness programmes that not only supports and enables you to implement health and safety strategy but also facilitates the highest level of wearer compliance through innovative, extended life PPE.

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