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Having problems fitting earplugs? Try uvex xact-fit reusable

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Excellent speech and signal recognition

Speech & signal recognition

Provides medium protection capacity (26 dB SNR) allowing excellent speech and signal recognition for easy communication.

Fast and accurate insertion

Fast and accurate insertion

The ergonomic thumb indentations with left and right markings ensure accurate insertion and quick and easy fitting.

Hygienic as well as extremely comfortable

Hygienic solution

Does not require rolling or touching the part that goes into the ear, reducing the risk of contamination and increasing hygiene.

Cost-effective and environmentally conscious choice


The smooth, dirt-repellent surface can be easily cleaned using mild soap and water making these a cost-effective and environmentally conscious choice.

uvex xact-fit reusable earplugs - ideal for manufacturing

Do you have problems fitting earplugs? Or find yourself having to constantly take them out and put them back in again when moving around your workplace?

The uvex xact-fit reusable is ideal for those working in manufacturing, move between different noise environments or looking to reduce waste going to landfill. The adjustable cord means the earplugs are always conveniently to hand, simply wear them around your neck until you need to put them in. Inserting couldn't be simpler, the left and right marked stems are shaped to make fitting fast, easy and accurate.

This hygienic solution does not require rolling making these ideal for those who wear gloves as well as reducing the risk of contamination and increasing hygiene, particularly important in these times. When you're not wearing them, the earplugs can be washed with mild soap and water, dried, then kept in the hygienic storage box provided ready for next time.

21,000 estimated number of workers with work-related hearing problems, 2016/17 to 2018/19
Source LFS

55 new claims for work-related deafness in 2018
Source IIDB

✔ Available in two sizes (S and M/L) and with or without storage box
✔ Thumb indentations enable hygienic, quick and easy handling
✔ Can be handled with dirty hands or while wearing gloves
✔ Ideal for variable environments like manufacturing

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