Technologies - Respiratory protection

Multiple layers of filtration material in uvex masks

Highly functional filter materials

The carefully selected combination of highly functional filter materials of the uvex silv-Air range guarantees the highest level of protection and still facilitates easy breathing with the face mask.

The densely woven filter fabric prevents solid and liquid particles (mists, fine sprays and aerosols) from passing through and the internal layers are electrostatically charged to ensure that hazardous materials adhere to them and cannot be inhaled.

close up of dust filter on uvex mask

uvex fine dust filter technology

The uvex fine dust filter technology ensures that the requirement for particularly high dust exposure is met (D - dolomite dust test). The masks have a very long service life and retain their above-average breathing resistance values even under heavy loads.

Due to the large number of filter layers, breathing resistance builds up in respirators, which can make breathing difficult. The higher the demands placed on the filter performance of the dust mask, the higher the breathing resistance. To address this situation and increase wearer comfort, uvex has developed high-performance masks that enable low breathing resistance and improved air conditions when wearing the mask