Safety footwear trial request programme

What’s the best way to evaluate the performance of your safety footwear? That’s easy – a product trial. It’s the process of field-testing different models of safety footwear, either from a single source or from several manufacturers, in order to identify the best shoe or boot for a particular job - looking at things like comfort, slip resistance, durability and sizing specific to your workers.

What are the benefits of trialling safety footwear?

Reduced accident rates

Reduced accident rates, downtime and medical costs

Increased employee motivation

Increased employee motivation and wearer acceptance

Improved risk awareness

Improved risk awareness and increased transparency

There are many things to consider when choosing safety footwear:

  • The environment - indoor/dry conditions or outdoor/wet conditions
  • Any constraints or requirements of the sector - e.g. smooth soles to prevent marks on asphalt
  • The wearer - all feet are different and all wearers have different issues or medical needs
  • HSE guidance
  • Budget

There is never one correct answer when it comes to selecting PPE; the best way to find the ideal solution is to conduct a product trial. Remember, one product does not fit all and will not solve all issues on site. Our team of PPE solutions experts can help you select the most appropriate products for your needs.

Work conditions

To find the most appropriate safety footwear for you and your employees, it is important to take into consideration a number of factors for both the requirements of the footwear and the conditions of the workplace to ensure the appropriate solution provides comfort, protection and compatibility.

Comfort Foot temperature Nature of task
Slip resistance Fitting Environment
Weight Midsole Hazards
Durability Width fitting Anti-static/ESD
Common issues

The feet are at risk of a number of injuries and also exposed to a variety of hazards, such as:

Potential injuriesHazards
Athlete's footFalling objects
Ingrown toenailsCorrosive liquids
Morton's neuromaSlips
Plantar fasciitis/plantar wartsJamming
Stress fracturesPuncture
Club footHeat
Flat feet/fallen archesCold

Certain types of footwear can impede proper alignment and movement within the ankle and foot.

What can you expect during the trial process?

We're ready to roll up our sleeves and do the heavy lifting alongside you to help solve your safety problems.

Step 1 Learn about safety challenges

First, we'll learn about the unique safety challenges you face in your industry.

Step 2 make recommendations

Once we understand what you need and how we can help, we'll make recommendations from our wide selection of PPE.

Step 3 run a trial at your jobsite

Next, we'll work together to run a trial at your jobsite with recommended products to see if they're the right fit for you.

Step 4 implement with your team

Finally, once we've found your uvex solution, we'll help you with the next steps of getting product in hand to implement with your team.

Does your company...

✔ have at least 50 employees that need PPE?
✔ have a dedicated contact for our uvex specialist to work with to collect feedback during the trial?
✔ commit to providing feedback (positive or negative) during and after the trial?

Sound like a match? Great! Let’s get a trial going. Simply fill out our quick form and we will be in touch with you shortly:

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uvex can help

Our team are available to answer any questions you have about the correct selection of safety footwear. We can conduct product trials and site audits virtually to suit the needs of your business. Simply call, email or video chat your uvex specialist who can recommend and implement high performance PPE solutions specifically chosen for your company's needs.

Footwear solutions

In addition to the uvex core range of products, uvex are able to offer Heckel safety footwear solutions. Safety shoes from Heckel prove themselves in the real world; at steel works, on ships and in the mountains, on large construction sites, in trade and in logistics. They are non-slip, withstand extreme conditions and have a strong focus on style.

Anti-fatigue safety footwear

uvex safety footwear works to provide both cushioning and a stable footing, reducing work-related stresses on the musculoskeletal system.

Heckel specialist safety shoes

Safety shoes from Heckel prove themselves in the real world; at steel works and in the mountains, on large construction sites and in logistics.

Eliminating and preventing shoe odour

Using perforated, breathable microvelour in our safety shoes helps heat and moisture evaporate easier, keeping your feet cool and comfortable.