What is sealed eyewear?

Sealed safety eyewear, also called closed eyewear or gasket eyewear, has become increasingly popular due to its unique style and performance abilities. With a more universal fit and diverse application range, foam inserts are a great option for workers and safety managers who want to maintain high levels of PPE compliance and compatibility while adequately protecting against dirt, debris, and splashes to the eyes.

uvex sealed safety eyewear

Often referred to as "spoggles" in the industry, eyewear with foam inserts falls into the middle spectrum between safety glasses and safety goggles by bringing a unique solution to the table by combining the two. The intention with foam inserts is to create a low-profile, almost complete seal to the face, whereas regular well-fitting safety glasses tend to have a small gap inbetween the lenses and your face. This seal is great for use in dry or windy environments outdoors or for applications where airborne dust, debris or splashes are present.

Safety eyewear with an insert doesn’t eliminate the need for offering multiple options and fit testing. Like all safety eyewear, a proper fit test must be conducted with all employees in order to best understand what type of eyewear should be used for each person. If you’d like to undertake a fit programme and trial any of our products, simply fill in our quick form to make an appointment with your regional sales manager.

uvex pheos guard system

uvex pheos foam insert close up

The innovative uvex pheos guard system is a functional expansion of the successful uvex pheos range. The textile headband makes the uvex pheos guard suitable for working at height or in confined spaces and especially compatible with other forms of PPE, such as helmets. The comfortable frame insert creates a closer seal to further protect from particle ingress and splashes.

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uvex pheos guard spectacles 9192180

uvex pheos guard spectacles

  • Additional frame and headband
  • Duo-spherical lens with large field of vision
  • Bevelled edge along upper rim gives additional eyebrow protection
  • Narrow geometry enables ear defenders, helmet and bump caps to be worn comfortably
  • PC lens, metal-free frame
  • Labelling: W 166 F CE – 2C-1.2 W 1 FKN CE

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uvex pheos cx2 sonic goggles

  • uvex’s lightest compact wide-vision goggles - just 34 grams
  • Comfortable protection thanks to soft forehead and nose piece moulded directly onto the lens
  • High mechanical strength B (120 m/s)
  • Very soft, light textile headband for secure and comfortable fit
  • Can be easily combined with other PPE
  • Labelling: W 166 3 4 BT CE – 2C-1,2 W 1 BT KN CE

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uvex pheos cx2 sonic goggles
uvex skyguard NT spectacles 9175275

uvex skyguard NT spectacles

  • Complete eye protection against flying particles due to injection-moulded soft TPU
  • Two-level side arm inclination allows the wearer to adjust the spectacles to suit their own face
  • Flexible soft component adapts to the wearer's face contours
  • Particularly well-suited for use in combination with helmets
  • Clear PC lens
  • Labelling: W 166 34 F CE – 2-1.2 W 1 FKN DIN CE

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uvex i-guard spectacles

With its highly flexible frame, the ergonomically shaped uvex i-guard offers the best protection — and adapts to a wide variety of different facial shapes.

  • Large, flat lens design for an unrestricted field of vision
  • X-tended sideshield offers additional side protection
  • Soft, flexible face support that adapts to the wearer for optimal protection and comfort also protects against liquids and coarse dust (marking 3 and 4)
  • Multi-stage adjustable side arms allow a high degree of customisation in order to guarantee a good fit
  • Labelling: W 166 34 F CE – 2C-1.2 W1 FKN CE

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uvex i-guard spectacles

Safety lenses – how strong are they?

The strength of safety spectacles and goggles is tested by firing a 6mm ball bearing at the lens – neither the lens nor the frame must break, come apart or bounce off the face. Safety goggles are designed to give protection from high speed materials or particles (for example, when cutting, grinding or using equipment that involves explosive force or pressure such as nail guns or compressed air tools). Goggles are tested to 120 m/s (B medium impact) and spectacles are tested to 45 m/s (F low impact).

Marking Test
F Low energy impact: up to 45 m/s
B Medium energy impact: up to 120 m/s

Unrivaled anti-fogging performance

Sealed/gasket safety eyewear are specifically designed to fit close to your face - after all, the closer the fit, the less opportunity there is for dust, debris, and other hazards to get to your eyes. But this close fit also traps moisture inside, causing fogging. Many safety eyewear brands have developed solutions for fogging, many of which work well - until you try to clean them.

uvex's chemically engineered permanent anti-fog coatings do not wash off over time, leaving you with unbeatable performance.

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Backed by 90+ years of optics and coatings science, German-engineering and in-house manufacturing, uvex offers a full range of safety eyewear options for you to choose from. Each option includes our revolutionary lens technology for edge-to-edge optical clarity, along with our supravision anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings that have been tested in our labs but, more importantly, proven in the field.

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