Manufacturing expertise - uvex safety footwear Ceva, Italy

Development expertise, state-of-the-art robot-controlled production systems and optimised process structures to meet the highest ecological standards guarantee the first-class and sustainable quality of our safety footwear. The production in Italy, which is one of the most modern production facilities for safety footwear in Europe, ensures efficient, resource-saving production and short distances from manufacturer to user.

Sustainability at uvex footwear

uvex restricted substances list includes over 157 harmful substances which goes beyond that of the REACH (EC) 1907/2006 regulation.
uvex restricted substances list
photovoltaic system for power generation
Installation of photovoltaic system for power generation.
First projects to reduce waste: mould change reduces PU waste.

uvex 1 as the first shoe with ecolable certification
First projects to reduce waste
water-based release agents
Start of use of water-based release agents.
Certified environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001.

Reduction of environmental impact, sustainable economic activity.
Certified environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001
Purchase of green electricity
Purchase of green electricity for production.

Exclusive use of water-based release agents which is important for certain industrial processes.
Purchase of green gas for production.

Less waste generated by switching raw material deliveries to tankers instead of using IBCs.
Purchase of green gas for production
Use of recycled components
Use of recycled components in uvex safety footwear.
First footwear made from recycled materials.

85% of all uvex footwear have at least one recycled component.

Calculation of the CO2 footprint, investment in software.
First shoe made from recycled materials
Future projects
Future projects
Sustainable shoe collection.

Circular shoe concept.

Projects to further reduce waste.