Fog-free, clear vision with the new opifog® system

All spectacle wearers have at some point encountered spectacles misting/fogging or ‘steaming up’ which occurs with a sudden change in temperature.

Highly technological yet very easy to use, the Optifog Smart Textile was designed to provide maximum anti-fog performance with the Optifog lenses, while simplifying users’ daily lives.

With the new Optifog® activation system, fighting fog has never been simpler

Revolutionary anti-fog prescription eyewear!

What are the benefits of Optifog?

Ease of use

  • Simply wipe the lens surfaces daily to ensure continuous anti-fog performance

Smart impregnated cloth

  • Average effective life of 3 months or 450 applications
  • One cloth provided free of charge with each pair of spectacles. Replacement cloths available from uvex
  • Cost effective

Crizal UV lens technology

  • Hyper smooth lens surface
    • Easy to clean
    • Minimal dust and smudge effects
    • Anti-glare
    • Scratch resistant
  • Unique back surface UV coating
    - Addresses the fact/risk that 40% of UV can be reflected by the inner surface
  • E-SPF of 25

For more information about Optifog or any of the prescription services, please call the uvex prescription department on 01252 725552

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