uvex phynomic C5 cut protection glove

article number: 60081

  • sensitive and flexible
  • certified to EN 388:2016 (4 X 4 2 C)
  • excellent blade cut resistance (level C), very high abrasion resistance, very high tear resistance
  • food-safe
  • excellent skin tolerance and free from pollutants

uvex phynomic C5 – lightweight cut protection

The uvex phynomic series is ideal for all types of work where a high level of feeling is required. These safety gloves are like a "second skin" and are especially light and flexible – without making your hands immediately sweaty. The uvex phynomic C5 also provides level C cut resistance.


General features

  • lightweight and sensitive cut protection glove for mechanical activities
  • aqua-polymer foam coating on palm and fingertips
  • colour: blue, grey
  • available in sizes: 6 to 12

Protection features

  • certified to EN 388:2016 (4 X 4 2 C)
  • very good mechanical abrasion resistance thanks to the damp-resistant aqua-polymer foam coating
  • good grip in dry and slightly damp areas
  • very good cut protection (level C) and high tear resistance thanks to optimum material composition

Comfort features

  • very high level of breathability through the aqua-polymer foam coating
  • outstanding tactile sensation when assembling parts
  • perfect fit with 3D Ergo technology
  • excellent skin tolerance, confirmed by dermatologists (uvex pure Standard)
  • free of harmful substances in accordance with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100
  • excellent skin tolerance – confirmed by the proDERM Institute for Applied Dermatological Research (proDerm studies: 11.0356-02, 11.0482-11)


cut protection (level C) for working within:

  • precision assembly work
  • precision work
  • inspection
  • sorting
  • food processing


Product data sheet
Instructions for use

 wässrig pH > 4,5sauer pH < 4,5alkoholischfettigtrocken (nicht fettend)
Beispiele nichtakoholische Getränke, Früchte, Eier, Gemüse, Krustentiere Essig, Hefe, Milch, Joghurt Wein, Spirituosen, Likör Olivenöl (R1), Butter und Margarine (R2), Fisch, Käse und Backwaren (R3), Fleisch und Geflügel (R4), Sandwiches und Fettgebackenes (R5) Brot, Reis, Nudeln, Tee, Gewürze, Hülsenfrüchte
uvex profi ergo JA JA JA JA (R1 bis R5) JA
uvex contact ergo JA JA JA JA (R1 bis R5) JA
uvex phynomic C3 JA JA JA JA (R1 bis R5) JA
uvex C500 pure JA JA JA JA (R1 bis R5) JA
uvex rubiflex (orange) JA JA JA JA (R1 bis R5) JA
uvex rubiflex S (blau/grün) JA JA JA JA (R1 bis R5) JA
uvex profastrong NF 33


JA JA JA (R2 bis R5) JA
uvex u-fit JA JA JA JA (R3 bis R5) JA
uvex phynomic foam JA JA JA JA (R5) JA
uvex phynomic lite (w) JA JA JA JA (R1 bis R5) JA
uvex unilite hermo JA JA JA NEIN JA
uvex u-fit lite JA NEIN JA JA (R3 bis R5) JA

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Specifications uvex phynomic C5 cut protection glove (60081)

Attribute Value
Product type cut protection
Product family uvex phynomic
Version with knitted cuff
Coating aqua-polymer foam
Coated area fingertips, palm
Product system Construction
Norm EN 388:2016
Standards EN 388:2016 (4 X 4 2 C)
Food-compatible yes
Food compatibility Aqueous (pH > 4.5), Acidic (pH < 4.5), Alcoholic, Dry (non-fatty) , Fatty (R1 = olive oil) , Fatty (R2 = butter, margarine), Fatty (R3 = fish, cheese), Fatty (R4 = red meat, poultry), Fatty (R5 = biscuits, baked goods)
Material Dyneema® Diamond Technology, elastane, polyamide
Colour blue, grey
Size 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Use precision assembly work, inspection, food processing, sorting
Conditions of the workplace dry, light moisture/oily
Technologies uvex 3D Ergo
Certificates Food compatibility, Made in Germany, Oeko-Tex standard 100, proDerm, uvex pure standard
Segment Electrical Works, Plumbing / Heating / Air-Conditioning, Bridge / Tunnel / Elevated Highway Construction, Metal Works
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