HexArmor® Rig Lizard® Thin Lizzie™ 2095 impact protection glove

Article number: 60650

  • Includes HexArmor’s IR-X® Impact Exoskeleton™ for impact resistance
  • PU palm coating over an HPPE, steel and glass blend shell
  • Hi-vis on back-of-hand enhances visibility and compliance
  • Seamless construction delivers high comfort and dexterity

HexArmor® Rig Lizard® Thin Lizzie™ 2095: Seamless coated safety glove with impact

The Rig Lizard® 2095 by HexArmor® features cut and puncture resistance, as well as HexArmor’s hi-vis back-of-hand IR-X® Impact Exoskeleton with high-flex design and a PU palm coating that provides superior grip and abrasion resistance.

General features

  • Excellent sensitivity in cut protection level F
  • Back-of-hand IR-X® Impact Exoskeleton™ with high-flex design
  • Comfortable HPPE, steel, and fiberglass shell
  • High durability for long-lasting protection
  • Ultimate dexterity and tactility
  • Launderable

Safety features

  • Certified 4X44FP according to EN 388:2016
  • Back-of-hand IR-X® Impact Exoskeleton™ keeps hands safe from smash and impact hazards
  • 13-gauge HPPE, steel and glass blend shell provides 360° of cut protection
  • PU palm coating provides superior grip and abrasion resistance
  • Reinforced thumb saddle
  • Knit wrist helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove

Comfort features

  • Very lightweight and breathable safety glove
  • Seamless construction allows enhanced comfort while maintaining dexterity and tactility
  • HPPE, steel and glass blend shell is soft and dexterous


Product data sheet

Specifications HexArmor® Rig Lizard® Thin Lizzie™ 2095 impact protection glove

Attribute Value
Specific features Impact resistant
Product type Impact protection
Product family Rig Lizard®
Coating Polyurethane
Coated area palm
Standards EN 388:2016 (4 X 4 4 F P), EN 388:2016
Food-compatible no
Material Fibreglass, HPPE, Steel
Colour blue, green, black
Size 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Conditions of the workplace Dry, Light moisture/oily
Suitable for Light oily applications, Dry applications, Dry and slightly damp areas, Wet applications
Use Construction industry, Construction work, Mining, Sheet metal processing, Chemical industry, Heavy duty, Plastic processing industry, Maintenance, Machinery and tool manufacturing, Metal processing, Metal industry, Oil and gas industry, Refineries, Packaging, Paper industry, Outdoor work
Technologies IR-X Impact Exoskeleton
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