Contrast enhancing safety eyewear from uvex

Do your eyes feel tired, strained or do you suffer with headaches at the end of your shift? Do you notice that you have been squinting, frowning or been concentrating for long periods? Does your workplace have harsh, bright lighting from fluorescent or LED lights, reflective surfaces or do you regularly move between changing light conditions? Do you use screens or monitors either at work or in your personal time before going to bed?

All of these factors can cause the eyes to fatigue quicker, put additional strain on the eyes and the surrounding muscles and increase your exposure to blue light.

Wearing a pair of safety glasses with the correct lens tint can:

  • enhance contrast for clearer vision,
  • reduce glare from harsh lighting,
  • reduce blue light by 50%, and
  • relax the eye and surrounding muscles

This all helps to reduce strain on the eyes, improve comfort levels and reduce feelings of fatigue.

uvex sportstyle safety spectacles

The uvex CBR65 lens tint has been produced to do just that

Ideal for working indoors under harsh light conditions

Key features and benefits:

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The innovative CBR65 lens tint ensures better contrast

C = Contrast enhancement

✔ The innovative uvex CBR65 lens shade offers better contrast for a clearer vision helping to reduce strain on the eyes and increase comfort.
✔ The CBR65 lens shade helps boost contrast by retaining the blue components of the light, while green, yellow and red colours have their outline strengthened and the contours appear sharper. This contrast enhancement has a relaxing effect on the eye.

Provides reliable protection against harmful blue light emissions.

B = Blue light reduction

✔ The tint of the uvex CBR65 has also been designed to reduce blue light by up to 50% making it ideal for tasks with high visual requirements, especially in bright artificial light, allowing the wearer to remain focused for longer without the strain.
✔ Blue light exposure levels are increasing with modern technology and lighting techniques. It can be glaringly bright causing eyes to constrict. Over time, the tensing of muscles in the eyes and face can lead to headaches.

The lightly tinted lens is 65% light-permeable.

R65 = Relaxed vision

✔ Designed with a 35% tint to the lens, meaning 65% of light is allowed to pass through the lens, the slight tint reduces the glare of bright artificial lights, reflective surfaces or changing light conditions which all put additional strain on the eyes, can be uncomfortable and increase the onset of fatigue. This tint allows the eye and surrounding facial muscles to relax.

Helps concentration

Helps concentration

Ideal for those that require high levels of concentration or undertake close inspection work.

Harsh lighting

Harsh lighting

Ideal for working indoors under harsh light conditions (strong neon, LED lighting or very bright environments).

Contrast enhancing

Contrast enhancing

Offers better contrast for clear vision helping to reduce strain on the eyes and improve comfort when no specific task is apparent.

Indoor/outdoor work

Indoor/outdoor work

Ideal for people working in changing light environments in either indoor or outdoor environments.