Look after your hands

Working in a warehousing and storage environment takes its toll on hands due to the high levels of manual handling involved in order fulfilment and processing along with the loading and unloading of consignments.

Cuts and abrasions from packaging materials such as cardboard and strapping, together with the drying effect handling such materials can have, means hands are often tender and muscles fatigued.

To help eliminate these health concerns, employees working in this type of environment need a glove that is lightweight, dexterous and flexible, offers a good level of grip and breathability while quickly absorbing and evaporating sweat, helping to overcome chapped, sore hands and make life more comfortable.

The uvex athletic lite is a cost-efficient safety glove ideal for both permanent and transient workers in the warehousing and storage industry. Its seamless and flexible ergonomic slim-fit gives a precision touch while the fine-knit structure and porous, highly abrasion-resistant microfoam coating allows for high levels of breathability helping to reduce perspiration and extended product life.

New uvex range of safety gloves with a great quality to price ratio

uvex athletic lite and all-round

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Picking and sorting

Goods in

The durable abrasion-resistant microfoam coating is ideal for manual handing such as picking up large and small items or moving pallets.

Manual handling

Picking and packing

The uvex athletic lite is dexterous and touch-sensitive. Employees can easily swap between paper, electronic recording data, picking and packing.

Order fulfilment

Order fulfilment

Gloves flex with the hand allowing workers to operating powered pallet trucks without restriction.

Package delivery

Package delivery

Gloves are breathable and comfortable making them suitable for all day wear as well as providing excellent grip in both dry and slightly damp conditions.

Key features and benefits:

✔ Lightweight, dexterous and touch-sensitive safety glove ideal for heavy manual handling and data recording
✔ Abrasion-resistant microfoam coating
✔ Excellent grip in both dry and slightly damp conditions
✔ High breathable porous coating to reducing sweating
✔ “Slim fit” design incorporating elastane in the liner for a perfect fit
✔ Skin friendly and free from hazardous substances in accordance with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100
✔ Comfort maintained over long periods of use
✔ Cost efficient solution

uvex athletic safety gloves