Heckel RUN-R 100 safety trainer



Breathable lining and outer material keeps feet cool



Flexible and supple sole with no restriction of movement



Lightweight and comfortable, perfect if you're on your feet all day

Shock absorption

Shock absorbing

Shock absorbing to support joints and muscles

Head to work in style

Taking inspiration from the world of road and trail running in terms of design, technologies and performance, the Heckel Run-R 100 safety trainer is ideal for trades people and those working in warehousing.

Elastic laces make adjustment quick and easy, stretching with the foot as it expands and cools throughout the day. The double layered shock-absorbing polyurethane sole not only helps prevent fatigue when walking on hard surfaces all day, it also adds to the overall lightness and flexibility of the shoe making it comfortable and feel more like a trainer than a safety shoe. The tread pattern incorporates deep groves at the back of the heel and forefoot for better grip when the heel first strikes the ground, and again when pushing off. The self-cleaning sharp-edged profile increases slip-resistance and the GRIPSTEP profile feature in the arch area gives increased stability when climbing ladders or stairs. All these features are designed to keep you upright, slip-free and safe.

Heckel Run-R 100 key benefits

Non-metallic penetration resistant midsole
✔ Penetration resistant to 1100 Newton in accordance with EN 20345
✔ 100% composite
✔ Flexible
✔ Antimagnetic
✔ Protects 100% of the surface of the foot (as opposed to 85% on average for steel soles)
✔ Lighter than steel soles
✔ Conducts less heat and cold compared to a metal midsole

Antimagnetic non-metallic protective toecap
✔ Provides protection against falling objects up to 200 joules and compression of up to 15 000 Newton in accordance with EN 20345
✔ Comfortable due to its ergonomic shape
✔ Extra wide fit
✔ 20% lighter than conventional steel toecap
✔ Conducts less heat and cold compared to a metal toecap

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