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uvex prides itself on its fundamental understanding of our customer's business processes, working environments and the unique challenges they face. Our commitment to assisting businesses in pursuit of protecting their employees from workplace risk is absolute. We therefore surround our products with an array of services which are tailored to support PPE decision makers in selecting appropriate products. Working with customers throughout the East of England, we can assist with safety strategy implementation to ensure PPE wearers derive maximum benefits in terms of protection and ‘issue free’ wearability.

Phil Middlekoop

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Phil Middlekoop

As PPE Solutions Specialist for East Midlands and East Anglia region I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience of the PPE market. I am committed to assisting my customers in their pursuit of protecting employees from work placed risk. Using the knowledge I have on products and process, I can provide information and guidance that will optimise product selection through a proven process of surveys, wearer trials and evaluation.

I am supported by a team of highly skilled individuals, all experts in their field, offering marketing, specialist product support, training and technical support. All this combines to enable you to implement health and safety strategy and facilitates the highest level of wear compliance through innovation and extended life PPE.

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Nigel Day
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Phil works with customers throughout the East of England, including; Cambridge, Ipswich, Norwich, Leicester, Northampton, Nottingham, Peterborough, Bury St Edmunds and Matlock.

Product selection

With a wealth of experience across multiple industries our team have developed specialist knowledge of warehousing and logistics and can recommend the necessary PPE to protect against the potential hazards those that work in this sector face. Employees, such as order pickers, that operate within large and small warehouses and distribution centres have a range of demands including changing or aggressive light conditions, exposure to high-levels of noise, hand protection that needs to be dexterous and footwear that limits the effects of fatigue.

All uvex products are totally uncompromising where quality and dependability are concerned delivering outstanding protection, comfort and a high degree of wearer acceptance. These include:

  • Safety eyewear designed to limit the effects of overhead artificial lighting techniques, monitors and phone or tablet screens which increase the risk of eye strain and the fatigue this can lead to
  • A full range of metal and plastic prescription safety and non-safety eyewear
  • Safety footwear that supports the musculoskeletal system helping to reduce pressure on joints when standing or walking for long hours, or those undertaking repetitive motions during order fulfilment
  • Hand protection that is light, highly tactile and dermatologically tested and approved
  • A range of hearing protection for both consistent and intermittent noise exposure that adapts to the wearers ear canal as well as easy and accurate to fit every time
  • Head protection that delivers maximum safety and wearer comfort with a range of compatible products

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