uvex 1 safety shoes combine total comfort, longevity, safety and grip

How uvex helped to solve the problem of aching feet and uncomfortable employees at Pegler.

uvex is a brand whose quality you can trust.”

Pegler Yorkshire is a leading manufacturer of advanced plumbing, heating and engineering products, including radiator valves and valves for industrial pipework. Part of global company Aalberts Integrated Piping Systems, and established for over 120 years, Pegler prides itself on its outstanding quality, innovation and customer service.

Peter Douglas is a general operative in the radiator valves department at Pegler’s Doncaster headquarters, doing “a bit of everything”, from packing, yard work, driving forklift trucks and dealing with machinery.

Rob Forrestall is the Safety, Health & Environment Manager at the company

Past issues
Peter had previously been wearing a well-known high street and safety boot brand which he found uncomfortable and unreliable in the oily, greasy manufacturing conditions in which employees work. His colleagues had also reported similar issues with the footwear.

Workers are on site for eight-hour shifts, the majority of which is spent on their feet, so they need footwear that is comfortable and remains so all day, every day.

The results – uvex 1 to the rescue
Rob has previous experience of, and trust in, uvex’s products, which he has used for many years in a previous role and therefore, was happy to continue with them when he took over his current position at Pegler.

Pegler has also been successfully using uvex phynomic gloves for some years and employees were familiar with uvex’s quality, comfort and use of the latest technologies and materials.

Based on this, Rob invited uvex in to try and resolve the company’s footwear issues.

uvex’s mission was to supply more comfortable safety footwear suitable for the industrial applications identified at Pegler. Having audited the site and talked with employees about their issues, a trial was set up for the uvex 1, a trainer style range of industrial footwear, for a select number of employees with the most severe issues.

For Peter, apart from the safety standards, comfort is the number one factor he looks for in a work boot or shoe. In addition to comfort, Peter also seeks light weight, slip resistance and oil resistance as ‘must-have’ features. The quality and life span of the footwear is also important.

uvex shoes are more comfortable than most other brands I’ve tried, with great grip and anti-slip characteristics, they are antistatic and oil and grease resistant. They perform well during all the tasks undertaken on site. They are the most comfortable safety shoes I have ever worn,” says Peter.

About uvex 1
The multipurpose uvex 1 is specifically designed for all-day use in indoor or light industry environments such as factories, warehouses and logistics, providing excellent grip and comfort.

The heel support system integrated into the sole encases the foot for greater stability without limiting flexibility or freedom of movement. It also gives additional side impact protection. The dual layer, low weight PU sole, with removable antistatic comfortable insole, delivers outstanding impact absorption minimising potential back, knee and joint problems. This range also has a multi-width fitting system that allows insoles to be swapped, increasing or decreasing the space within the footwear for a more individual fit. Small adjustments like this can have a dramatic effect on a person’s comfort. Elastic laces allow shoes to be quickly adjusted or slipped on or off and expand and contract as feet swell and cool throughout the day.

The footwear is ultra-light, due to high tech materials and the virtually seam free design made from microvelour helps eliminate pressure points.

The uvex 1 is available in a impressive range of sizes, from 3.5 to 16 with some styles and sizes designed specifically for the contours of the female foot to give a better, more comfortable fit.

The benefits of using uvex 1
uvex 1 shoes have a long life-expectancy. Peter has been wearing the same pair of shoes for over two years. “They are still in very good condition and have plenty of life in them,” he enthuses.

In terms of cost, they are worth every penny as we don’t have to change them so often, which is also better for the environment. It is a false economy to buy cheap footwear.”

He adds that because uvex makes comfort a priority, features such as the moisture-wicking properties add to the wearer’s wellbeing, as does the lightweight nature of the shoe which does not put additional strain on the wearer and therefore limits fatigue. These thought through design features all enhance the quality of the product.

Rob avers that satisfaction and longevity give the user more confidence and lead to a happier, more productive workforce. “As for safety, regarding slips trips and falls, keeping people balanced, stable and on their feet is very important, especially when they are working in oily, greasy manufacturing environments,” he states.

Comfort is key. It ensures the PPE gets worn, keeps the workforce happy and continue coming to work,” adds Rob. “If your feet ache, it can put a whole different persona on the worker. It affects the enjoyment of the workplace.”

If I got negative feedback from my workers, I wouldn’t be using uvex,” says Rob. “If I’m satisfied with what they are wearing, I don’t take calls from other manufacturers.”

We absolutely will carry on using uvex footwear,” affirms Rob. The company is now also looking at working with uvex to trial safety eyewear and hearing protection to add to its portfolio.

The way uvex’s products are manufactured and tested to above the legal requirements is great,” Rob says. “If you need technical information, uvex will provide it. They have their own testing facilities and test to, and above, ISO standards. An added bonus is knowing you’re always buying from a regulated country."

uvex is a brand whose quality you can trust,” Rob concludes.