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uvex have a number of anti-fog solutions to choose from, depending on your individual need. For prescription safety glasses wearers, we are able to provide lenses coated with Optifog's unique anti-fog system, providing a more permanent solution, ideal for professionals that need long-term results. Our uvex antifog lens cloth allows users to apply an effective anti-fog coating to their lenses as and when they need - ideal for occasional mask wearers.

Optifog cloth

Optifog - The long-lasting anti-fog solution

Optifog's unique anti-fog system combines two patented technologies: Optifog lens treatment and a smart textile cloth with anti-fog molecules that activates the power of the Optifog lens. The Optifog lens treatment means both the front and back surfaces of the lens have integrated anti-fog technology. Simply wipe your lenses with the smart cloth and droplets that would usually obstruct your vision spread uniformly across the lens, in an invisible and fog-free layer. The Optifog system is ideal for professionals such as those frequently moving from cold to hot environments, cooks, delivery drivers, florists, etc.

✔ Fog repellent - Stays fog free even in extreme conditions
✔ Scratch-resistant - Ensuring clear vision, guaranteed for 2 years
✔ UV protection - Protects your eyes from UVA and UVB rays
✔ Glare reduction - Less reflections for clarity of vision and improved aesthetics
✔ Dust repellent - Repels dust particles for clearer vision and easy to clean lenses

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uvex antifog cloth

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uvex antifog cloth - The affordable anti-fog solution

The uvex antifog cloth provides an ideal solution for those who wish to benefit from uvex's anti-fog technology as and when they need it. Simply wipe the cloth over your lenses and an ultra-thin layer of uvex's unique anti-fog formula is applied to the lens preventing them from misting up, resulting in streak-free, clear vision for hours. The uvex antifog cloth can be used on any lens: prescription glasses, sunglasses, industrial and sports visors, goggles or screens, and is ideal for mask wearers. The uvex antifog cloths are individually wrapped so they can be carried in a handbag, toolkit or in the glovebox so you can administer anti-fog protection whenever it’s needed.

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✔ Cost effective - reusable up to 60 times
✔ Long-lasting - 8 to 10 hours of anti-fog performance depending on environmental factors
✔ Easy to store - in zip bag provided, ideal for a pocket, bag or tool box
✔ Less waste - minimises waste compared to single use alternatives
✔ Reusable - once its finished its lifecycle you can use it as a general cleaning cloth

uvex prescription safety eyewear

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There are several factors to consider when choosing which anti-fog coating is right for you. To learn more about this technology or which anti-fog coating is best for your needs, contact your local uvex representative who will be happy to help.

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