uvex K-series

Ergonomic design meets style and convenience: the uvex K-series range of earmuffs are engineered for the modern workplace, delivering premium all-day comfort.

Hearing is precious and can be easily damaged. Wearing low pressure, non-irritating uvex earmuffs allows wearers to reliably protect their hearing - even when worn for long periods of time. The uvex K-series earmuffs deliver outstanding comfort and a pressure free fit through their use of lightweight materials, compact and extra-soft cushioned earpieces, together with a breathable headband. Remember, the best hearing protection is the one that gets worn!

uvex K-series over-the-head earmuffs

Choosing the right product using the SNR method

Goal = noise level – SNR value

The objective when choosing suitable hearing protection is to achieve an effective residual noise level of between 70 dB and 80 dB for the wearer. If sound absorption is too high (over-protection), this can result in an inability to communicate and cause feelings of isolation.

uvex K-series is available with 28 dB uvex K1, 32 dB uvex K2, 33 dB uvex K3 or 35 dB uvex K4

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28 dB uvex K1
32 dB uvex K2
33 dB uvex K3
35 dB uvex K4

Intelligent ergonomics

Premium comfort

Premium comfort

Padded headband for premium all-day comfort and low-pressure fit.

Sleek, compact design

Sleek, compact design

Lightweight components and smooth length adjustment options for various head shapes.

Integrated protection

Extra soft memory foam

Wearer comfort guaranteed thanks to extra soft memory foam ear cushions.


uvex earmuffs can be combined with uvex safety helmets to ensure complete all-round head protection.

Perfect “resting position”

Earmuffs can be rotated 360° for easy use from standby and resting positions, sitting close to the helmet to ensure perfect balance, without straining the neck muscles.

Magnetic or mechanical connection

The uvex pheos K2P can be fitted quickly and easily using either the magnetic or mechanical locking system.

Watch the video - How do I find the right hearing protection?

Discover the range

uvex K1 earmuffs28 dB; lower weight, small volumeuvex K1 earmuffs
uvex K2 earmuffs32 dB; lower weight, small volume; extra-soft ear cushionsuvex K2 earmuffs
uvex K3 earmuffs33 dB; lower weight, small volume; extra-soft ear cushionsuvex K3 earmuffs
uvex K4 earmuffs35 dB; low weight, small volume; extra-soft ear cushionsuvex K4 earmuffs
uvex K1H helmet earmuffs27 dB; helmet-compatible; comfortable parking when not in useuvex K1H helmet earmuffs
uvex K2H helmet earmuffs30 dB; helmet-compatible; extra-soft ear cushions; comfortable parking when not in useuvex K2H helmet earmuffs
uvex pheos K2P helmet earmuffs30 dB; mechanical connection to uvex pheos helmet system; extra-soft ear cushions;...uvex pheos K2P helmet earmuffs
uvex pheos K2P magnet helmet earmuffs30 dB; magnetic connection to uvex pheos helmet system; extra-soft ear cushions;...uvex pheos K2P magnet helmet earmuffs

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uvex hearing protection range

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