uvex megasonic safety goggles

Innovative frameless lens design for unrestricted vision

The revolutionary frameless lens design of the uvex megasonic has an exceptional field of vision and delivers edge to edge crystal clear clarity - giving wearers as close to natural vision as possible. The generous internal volume and specially formed recess accommodates side arms for prescription spectacle wearers, delivering a comfortable stable fit and ensuring the same level of protection across the whole workforce.

360 degree of the uvex megasonic goggle
  • Revolutionary goggles with exceptional field of vision
  • Panoramic lens is approximately 20% larger than similar goggles
  • Increased downward visibility helps avoid accidents e.g. open man hole covers
  • Unrestricted crystal clear clarity (optical class 1)
  • Ergonomic face piece and x-frame design delivers high levels of comfort and protection
  • Extremely soft and flexible seal adapts to all facial shapes
  • Unique frame design and generous ‘internal volume’ - fits comfortably over most prescription glasses ensuring a stable and comfortable fit
  • uvex supravision lens coating technology: permanent anti-fog coating on the inside and scratch-resistant on the outside
  • 30mm wide headband can be easily adapted to any wearer and is compatible with other items of PPE

Award winning design

The uvex megasonic delivers a good balance between performance, wearing comfort and environmental protection, while meeting the highest demands of quality workmanship which has earned it a number of awards:

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Giving you a wider perspective

Watch the uvex megasonic video
uvex megasonic features a frameless design

Thanks to an innovative frameless lens design, the uvex megasonic has a field of vision that is approximately 20% larger than similar goggles. Like all uvex safety eyewear, the uvex megasonic offers an impressively high level of wearer comfort while the wide, soft headband ensures a secure fit.

uvex megasonic features a panoramic lens

The large panoramic lens has an unrestricted field of vision with optical quality class 1 giving wearers as close to natural vision as possible. This eliminates the need to remove your safety eyewear when walking or moving between workstations - a major advantage when it comes to safety.

uvex megasonic features an OTG function

The goggles are also compatible for spectacle wearers, as the uvex megasonic can be comfortably worn over prescription spectacles. Specially designed recesses ensure there is enough room for the spectacle side arms, eliminating any discomfort from pressure on the temples.

All round vision - increased safety when walking

The uvex megasonic's field of vision has been extended downwards to provide maximum safety when you're on the move, thereby eliminating the need to take the goggles on and off when walking between workstations. The uvex megasonic is particularly suitable for a wide range of industries, including the oil and gas industries, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, fire service, construction industry, metalworking, agriculture and forestry, food industry, waste management and the iron and steel industries.

uvex megasonic 9320265
Article number 9320265
EN standards EN 166, EN 170
Frame colour anthracite, blue
Marking W 166 34 BT CE
Material TPE
Tint clear
UV protection UV400
Coating uvex supravision excellence
Material PC (polycarbonate)
Weight 96 g


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uvex megasonic goggles 9320281
Article number 9320281
EN standards EN 166, EN 172
Frame colour anthracite, lime
Marking W 166 34 BT CE
Material TPE
Tint grey 23%
UV protection UV400
Coating uvex supravision excellence
Material PC (polycarbonate)
Weight 96 g


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uvex megasonic features

uvex UV400

100% UV protection. 100% safety. 100% uvex.

The EN166/170 standard specifies safety eyewear should provide UV protection up to 380 nm. The World Health Organisation and latest scientific studies state that this level of protection is insufficient and recommend safety eyewear lenses provide UV protection up to 400nm covering UVB and UVA rays.

uvex UV400 — included in all uvex safety eyewear. Regardless of whether you choose a clear or tinted lens, all uvex safety eyewear has UV absorption incorporated in the lens which filters 100% of UV rays up to 400nm. uvex which stands for ultraviolet exclusion, prides itself on delivering the best possible protection together with top-quality lens coatings, incredible comfort and stylish designs.

Even without sun, UV rays can still put strain on the eye. When working outdoors, your eyes are regularly exposed to harmful UV radiation — even when it is cloudy. The result: using insufficient protection may cause dangerous long-term damage such as corneal injury, cataracts and loss of sight.

100% of UVA radiation filtered out

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