uvex u-cap bump cap series

To protect yourself and your head against moderate to severe traumatic brain injury, it is vital that you wear head protection in certain work areas - even if the risk assessment does not deem it necessary to wear a helmet, this does not mean that there is not still a risk to the head.

The uvex u-cap series are the number one bump cap when it comes to protecting against abrasions, impact injuries and the sun. They also offer high wear comfort and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Whether you need a bump cap with short brim for a wider field of upward vision, or a bump cap with integrated hard shell for reliable impact protection in accordance with EN 812 – the uvex u-cap series offers the right protection for your requirements. A plastic insert in the cap protects the head against impacts. uvex bump caps have an injection moulded plastic shell, which also provides optimal protection for the back of the head.

uvex u-cap bump cap

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  • Bump cap with an exceptional design
  • Reliable impact protection in accordance with EN 812
  • Integrated reflective piping on the brim and textile components

In addition, the premium version of the uvex u-cap offers even more features:

  • Flexible plastic shell adapts to different head shapes and sizes
  • Continuous size adjustment using adjustable band
  • Comfortable suspension harness for great functionality and maximum wear comfort

Bump caps – Function and requirements

External bumps, splits, minor bruises or injuries on the head happen quickly – around 9,000 work-related accidents each year involve open head wounds. But since these usually only concern the periosteum, they heal quickly and leave no further damage, other than a few scars. When the brain is involved, however, a head injury becomes really dangerous. Approx. 19% of all work-related accidents that involve a head injury result in a concussion.

Each year, around 60,000 work-related accidents involving head injuries are reported. Our skulls may be able to withstand a lot, but we still need to ensure they are adequately protected, especially when working in areas where there is a risk of falling objects and trip hazards. But when is a bump cap sufficient, and when do you need a helmet? Find out everything you need to know about bump caps in our blog post

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