Hearing protection

Workplace noise can be at best a distraction and at worst pose serious health risks for employees. Noise induced hearing loss is still one of the most common occupational hazards of all as it develops painlessly, is progressive and generally goes unnoticed which is why the PPE regulation (EU) 2016/425 includes noise among the irreversible health hazards. Our workplace hearing protection products include innovatively shaped and extremely comfortable disposable ear plugs, with patented x-grip for easy and safe removal and reusable ear plugs conveniently attached to a handy cord, easily cleanable and hygienically stored in individual carrying cases.

Hearing protection - additional information

What are harmful noise levels?

What are harmful noise levels

It's essential to protect our ears from harmful levels of noise, but how do we know what is a “harmful level”? The maximum period of time you should be exposed to harmful noise without hearing protection can be surprising.

Download our hearing protection guide

Download our hearing protection guide

The appropriate form of hearing protection varies according to the wearer's ear and the area of application. This guide contains information regarding noise levels and hearing protection.

How is the ear structured?

How is the ear structured blog post

To better understand how harmful noise can be in both the short and long term, we must understand how the human ear is structured and how our sense of hearing functions.