Safety Eyewear

Safety glasses, overspecs and full-vision safety goggles

uvex safety eyewear provides maximum protection and incredible comfort, packaged together with stylish design. Eyewear must be capable of adapting to individual head shapes whilst ensuring a pressure-free fit and providing total eye protection - the best way to encourage people to wear safety eyewear over long periods. To ensure your safety eyewear remains fog-free, superior anti-fog technology is key, but it's important to remember not all anti-fog coatings are created equal.

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Safety eyewear – additional information

Risks associated with blue light

We know we need to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays but what about other forms of light? A high level of exposure can sometimes cause us problems with eye strain, headaches and mental and physical fatigue.

Application recommendations

Depending on your task, several factors come into play: you need the right eyewear model, suitable lens material as well as matching lens tinting and coating.

CBR65 - Relaxed, comfort, vision

Properly tinted safety eyewear lenses can have a dramatic effect on the quality of the wearers vision, enhancing comfort, clarity and productivity. uvex's CBR65 tint has been developed to protect wearers working both indoors or outdoors.

uvex lens tinting advisor

We offer lens tinting solutions for every light environment. Our new digital lens tinting advisor helps you find the perfect tinting for your application.

How can UV rays damage your eyes?

Protecting your eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays is just as important as protecting them from impact. Even though our eyes are equipped with their own defence system, this alone is not enough to protect them from harmful UV rays.

uvex prescription safety eyewear

uvex is able to provide its customers with a choice of metal, plastic and wraparound frame styles in single vision, bi-focal or varifocal for safety or office use.