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uvex 1 safety footwear


Lightweight construction

A lower weight reduces the strain on the body and also reduces risk of injury and wear.

Shock absorption

100% more shock absorption

Multilayer shock absorption system comprising a double-layered PU outsole and comfort insole helps protect the musculoskeletal system.

Reliable safety

Reliable support and safety

External visible heel basket integrated in the sole ensures stability and sure-footedness. The ‘x-tended’ support offers additional sideways support.

Pressure-free design

Pressure-free, comfortable fit

Designed with breathable, synthetic materials and minimal seams to reduce the likelihood of pressure points, sores or blisters.

The uvex 1 range is designed specifically for indoor environments such as warehousing and storage

Changes in shopping habits has seen dramatic growth in the warehousing and distribution industries. According to, in the UK, the average number of individuals employed by warehouse and storage facilities rose to 188,000 in 2017.

As you would expect, musculoskeletal disorders are higher than average in the warehouse and storage industry, an average rate of 1.9% (per 100,000 workers) compared to 1.2% across all industries.

What our customers say

Don’t just take our word for it, our uvex 1 safety shoes have helped countless customers stay safe, reduce their PPE costs and eliminate the need for anti-fatigue matting.

uvex safety shoes have improved comfort

uvex safety shoes have improved comfort, lifted morale, reduced fatigue, and given outstanding protection from slips, trips and falls. uvex came on site and understood our needs, taking their time to look at the hazards before recommending products. We will always use uvex eye and footwear protection now.

uvex 1 safety shoes case study

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