uvex 3 - Safety boots for extreme requirements

The uvex 3 has been specially developed for the extreme demands faced in heavy-duty applications. It combines necessary robustness with a dynamic sports-inspired energy-return sole, helping to minimise fatigue. Equipped with the latest uvex technologies, the uvex 3 reliably protects the wearer while providing high levels of comfort.

A major focus for our product development experts during the design process was the natural movement of a person’s foot as they walk and how best to support it. The feet - and thus the musculoskeletal system - can only perform at their best if essential biomechanical functionality is aligned, from the feet right up through the spine to the head. This alignment starts with appropriate footwear.

The uvex 3 has an ergonomic two-layer sole made of a newly developed polyurethane, providing excellent cushioning and high levels of slip-resistance. The outsole features a tread pattern intended to stabilise yet flex with the natural rolling motion of the foot - from heel strike, over the arch to the ball of your foot and finally to your toes - giving freedom of movement. Thanks to the jagged deep grooves that disperse water and dirt, the uvex 3 gives good grip on uneven, wet and slippery terrain. It also features uvex i-PUREnrj technology with positive energy return, meaning the wearer utilises less energy reserves throughout the day.

The premium model for the construction industry

uvex 3 68742

Its robust construction combines sure-footedness, protection and impact resistance - invariably required by those that work in heavy-duty industrial applications - while remaining breathable and comfortable throughout an entire shift.

Sustainability — recycled insole

Sustainability — recycled insole

The uvex 3 is sustainably produced and is free from harmful substances according to our restricted substances list. What’s more, the insole is made of 100% recycled fibres and foam.

Insoles are in direct contact with the foot and subject to high levels of wear, and should therefore be replaced regularly. If they’re made of recycled material, this makes them an important part of the fight to reduce waste more effectively.

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Ankle protection

uvex bionom x

uvex anklepro technology provides protection against painful impact thanks to the shock absorbing foam that encases the ankle area.

Breathable materials

uvex waterstop technology

The innovative uvex climazone climate management system wicks away perspiration while 26 perforations in the ankle area, on the outside and inside of the shoe, provide ventilation.

Extra sensitivity

uvex anklepro

A high degree of sensitivity and the flexibility of the sole are especially important when operating machines controlled by the foot.

Excellent stability

uvex lace lock

uvex lace lock keeps tension in the laces throughout the day, increasing ankle stability and decreasing the risk of injury, especially on uneven terrain.

uvex i-PUREnrj Technology

uvex waterstop technology

There is nothing more uncomfortable or unpleasant than wet feet when you are trying to concentrate on the job. Safety footwear intended to be worn outdoors and in rugged environments must protect against the elements. Wet or damp feet causes friction leading to rubbing, sores and potentially blisters. Not only is this a painful distraction, dampness within the shoe or boot creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to rashes, fungus and issues like Athletes Foot.

uvex waterstop technology is designed to keep feet dry and it’s performance lasts four times longer than that required by the standard for S3 safety footwear - that states footwear must be water-resistant to achieve this rating.

uvex i-PUREnrj technology - Cushioning. Stability. Energy Return.

uvex’s innovative new polyurethane sole technology – i-PUREnrj – returns the landing energy over the entire sole unit back to the wearer. The sole of the uvex 3 features anti-fatigue technology which returns 68% of the energy in the forefoot area, 65% energy return under the heel and has a shock absorption level of 44 joules, 2.2 times higher than specified by the standard, supporting the musculoskeletal system.

bionom x design philosophy

What does that mean for the wearer?

The lighter the footwear, the greater the shock absorption and energy returned means that the muscles in the foot, leg and back must work less hard, reducing strain and allowing performance to be maintained for longer. uvex safety footwear provides both cushioning and a stable footing reducing stresses on the body.

More stability. Reduced risk of injuries. More safety

The uvex i-PUREnrj technology helps reduce the risk of ankle twisting and injury

*Marked mentioned results reported in: Test report No. L210304422_1 CTC Lyon, 04/08/2021

uvex bionom x

Maximum performance thanks to the bionom x design philosophy

The uvex bionom x design philosophy creates biomechanical synergy between the foot, the upper, the sole and the ground.

Taking a holistic approach to all four elements creates a harmonious unit consisting of the body, the footwear and the environment. Only when our body achieves its maximum performance level can it protect us from injury in the best possible way. uvex bionom x was developed in collaboration with our biomechanic expert Dr Caleb Wegener from the uvex safety group in Australia.

  • Seams have been minimised to avoid pressure on tendons and nerves​.
  • Compression and expansion zones provide increased comfort.
  • Ergonomic profile adapted to the anatomical structure of the foot​.
  • Functional flex grooves provide mobility and slip resistance.

uvex 3 models

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Watch the uvex 3 video